All across the Internet, here it came.

“Lone wolf gunman.”

“Crazed gunman.”

“Crazed lunatic.”

Nothing about how this sadistic and vicious piece of feces, Stephen Craig Paddock,  who took the lives of so many people being just what he was:  a gutless, cowardly, monstrous, murdering domestic  terrorist.

If he was so sick and tired of his miserable useless life, why could he not go off into a vacant field and blow his brains out instead of taking so many people with him?

The claim that he was a “crazed gunman” and “psychologically impaired” is a crock of human shit.


Where is the barrage of psychiatric tests performed to assess his mental state of mind? Where are the records that he had any psychiatrist examine and pronounce him as insane? Where is the evidence of electro-convulsive therapy being performed on him? Where are the records of a pre-frontal-transorbital lobotomy being performed on him?

Convince me.

Prove it to me.

In earlier news reports, the claim that it was Isis that orchestrated the shooting and that Paddock had Isis ties.

Evidence, please.

Where are the e-mails, Youtube videos, and USPS snail-mail correspondence for this claim?

I await proof of Isis’ hand in this mass shooting.

Convince me.

Prove it to me.

This nation, this Whore of Babylon still quietly accepts the murderous rage of White men.

This place of terrorism and lies will always let abominations like Paddock off the hook.

“He did not mean it.” “He was out of his mind.”

Like hell.

This filth knew what he was doing. The plan of staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel for 30 days; the amassing of numerous weapons to carry out his murder with malice aforethought, premeditated plan (does not sound insane to me) to shoot down like dogs in the street so many people. His actions speak volumes. He knew what he planned to do and there are no tears to be shed for this piece of garbage. According to police reports, Paddock  fired from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, which overlooked the Las Vegas Strip. At least 23 weapons were found in his hotel room, Clark County Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo said. Paddock’s home was also searched and police found even more weapons — 19 firearms, explosives and unidentified electronic devices as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Does not sound like anyone who has been certified as having mental problems.

Mentally ill people do not plan, prepare and premeditate the act of slaughtering 59 people, one of whom was the mother of one of the victims, and yes, I will consider her death as on the hands of this racist savage murderer.

That is something that a person of sound mind does.

A person who is in complete control of their mental faculties.

No matter what kind of a bad gambling or bad accountant day they were having.

But, what the hey, let’s run with the insanity defense before all the evidence is accumulated.

Any time a White man destroys lives like this Paddock, out come the crocodile tears of “he was insane”, “he was crazy”, “he went berserk from out of the ordinary”, “he never showed any signs of aggression.”

But, he is a White man, and white men have been given carte blanc to murder, rape, lie, steal, kidnap, destroy, genocide, and mutilate so many lives all over the world. History proves that out.

Don’t believe me?

I suggest you pick up a history book that tells the truth.

Funny about these pathetic claims of white genocide by neo-nazis and alt-wrongs.

The only white genocide going on is that committed by whites like Paddock who murder their own kind.

I’d say Whites have more to fear from their own kind than anyone else on the planet.

Then there are the news sources playing up the humanity of this beast…this thing…this being—“former accountant, big-time gambler”—all irrelevant on the fact that he slaughtered those people and wounded over 500 people.

Oh, but that’s right………

…….murdering White  terrorists such as Paddock get to keep their humanity intact even after taking so many white lives.

Let this have been a Black woman and her picture, her mother and father’s birth certificates, the last home-cooked meal she did, how many city jails, county jails, state prisons and federal prisons she has been incarcerated in for embezzlement, arson, DUI (oops, my bad; those are crimes that White people are more likely to commit. Hey don’t take my word for it. Consult the FBI crime statistics)—anyhoo, let it have been a Black woman and there would be no end to demonizing her.

As in the old days (for those of you who have trouble grasping a time frame), during Jane Crow day segregation (which, by the way, is still in effect in this so-called nation), that Black woman would have been beaten, tortured, burned, mutilated and raped before she was hung from a street telephone post—and then, her body would be shot to pieces by a fusilade of bullets from a lynch mob of fine, upstanding, God-fearing Christians.

But, this piece of unflushed down the toilet feces gets a pass because he is a White male who murdered.

Word up to all of you who call yourselves white people.

Ya’ better pull your heads out of your asses.

It ain’t Black people whom you should fear.

Better keep watch over your shoulder because the real nasty, perverted, worthless, hateful, mendacious, bloodthirsty, serial-killer, terrorists is not coming to a theater near you.

He is your own father, brother, son, husband, uncle, nephew, neighbor, boss, co-worker and all the walks of life where you can cross paths with him.

Stephen Craig Paddock.

A murdering terrorist.

May he burn and rot in Hell.

Oh, and one more parting note:


for all you voters who just could not wait to get Trump into office to harm Black people…………..

……………careful what you wished for. You got just what you wanted.


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  1. Barbara

    I believe he killed 58 people. He is counted as the 59th dead. He surely did know what he was doing.

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