From time to time, visitors to my site will leave comments that are off topic from what is posted on various topics.

I have instituted this page for any and all topics that are not pertinent to specific posts I have put up.

Anyone wishing to leave a comment that is not in reference to the posts I put up may leave their comment here.

Anyone wishing to suggest a topic for me to write a post on, may also leave a suggestion here.

Thank you all for your visits.

The Moderator.

5 responses to “OPEN THREAD

  1. richard thurston

    this could not be known as negro mountain for 200 years. the term “negro” did not exist 200 years ago. until recently (1970’s?) it was known as “Old Niggar Mountain.” This was reflected in roadsigns and on maps until political correctness prevailed. I can remember seeing it on an old roadmap I wish I had kept. Thanks, though, for the history behind it which I have always wondered about.

  2. Fannie Butler

    Thanks for this very interesting and informative website. I am recommending a new travel club: WTY Travel. It is a local group (Los Angeles) and is recruiting members. How can we get listed on your site? A response would be most grateful.

  3. Debbie Lee

    Hi my name is Debbie and I was interested in financial aid or scholarship I’ve been praying all of my life to be able to go to school to work in the health field I’m very good with people it’s just my finances I need help help help so I’m asking if anyone is out there that could help me pray that someone would lend me a helping hand thank you tootsiedoor@direct. net (my email address)

  4. sagine damas

    My daughter and I searched the internet relentlessly for the past two weeks. We were unable to locate any source that would provide us with any information on Maxine Snowden besides the fact that she invented the rain hat. Is she still alive? Where is she from? There is no biography, no picture of her, nothing…. anyone has clues as to why? Perhaps someone could redirect us to a helpful website… thank you.

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