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Ring Found Around a Galaxy’s “Hidden” Black Hole

Sky & Telescope
A team of astronomers has taken a close look at a nearby galaxy — and discovered an unusual structure that sheds light on supermassive black holes’ relationships with their host galaxies. Read more…

Rosetta Finds Clues to Earth’s “Xenon Paradox”

Sky & Telescope
Xenon measured by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft has shed light on a long-standing mystery about the role comets played in Earth’s formation. Read more…

Mini-Flares Might Threaten Life Around Red Dwarf Stars

Sky & Telescope
A new study of data archived from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) spacecraft is revealing just how hard life might be on planets like those in the TRAPPIST-1 system. Read more…

Can We Explain the Curious Case of Tabby’s Star?

Sky & Telescope
New ideas have emerged to explain Tabby’s Star, officially known as KIC 8462852, but the jury’s still out on the cause of the star’s weird behavior. Read more…

Brown Dwarfs vs. Stars: What Makes a Star a Star?

Sky & Telescope
At what point does a clump of gas ignite, turning into a star? Astronomers now have an answer to what makes a star – and what makes a brown dwarf. Read more…


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, June 16 – 24

Sky & Telescope
See what’s up in the sky for the week of June 16 – 24. Read more…

Hello, Saturn! We’re Glad You’re Back

Sky & Telescope
Saturn, considered by many the most beautiful sight in the sky, comes to opposition this week with its rings in full tilt. You won’t want to miss it. Read more…

Tour June’s Sky: Saturn at Opposition

Sky & Telescope
June’s astronomy podcast takes you on a star- and planet-studded tour of the sky you’ll see after sunset. Read more…

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June 16, 2017

Snopes clears SPLC of ‘smear merchant’ claim; IQ differences in races still not linked to genes; Spencer upset by Baptists’ disavowal of supremacists; and more.


Snopes: No, the SPLC is not a left-wing smear group that encourages violent attacks.

Vox: There’s still no good reason to believe black-white IQ differences are due to genes.

Think Progress: The Southern Baptist Convention blowup over white supremacism, explained.

Raw Story: Richard Spencer complains about Baptists’ disavowal of white supremacists: ‘Jesus never complained about racism.’

ABC News: Judge rescinds his decision to release neo-Nazi accused of plotting terrorist acts.

Vice: Extremism experts are beginning to worry about the left and violence.

New York Times: Facebook will begin using artificial intelligence to find extremist posts.

Wisconsin State Journal (Madison): Budget committee proceeds with Gov. Walker’s plan to gut state’s domestic-partners benefits program.

Mother Jones: Betsey DeVos says she’s against discrimination, except for all those anti-LGBT groups at her department.

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Tony Perkins warns that Obama is running an anti-Christian ‘shadow government.’

Huffington Post: Ted Nugent regrets: ‘I’m not going to engage in hateful rhetoric anymore.’

Media Matters: Trump ally Michael Savage cites white-nationalist website, warns that college students will be shot.

Deseret News (Salt Lake City): FLDS leader Lyle Jeffs arrested in South Dakota by FBI after months as a fugitive.

Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY): White nationalist Matthew Heimbach pleads not guilty to harassment charge, says he has ‘no regrets.’

Valley Advocate (Northampton, MA): Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio to lead pro-gun ‘God Given Rights’ rally in Belchertown.

WFTS-TV (Tampa Bay, FL): Fliers in driveways indicate Ku Klux Klan planning to recruit in Pasco County neighborh

The Conversation: Is there structural racism on the Internet?

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Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents is a United Nations (UN) observance that is celebrated on June 1 each year to honor parents and their commitment to children worldwide.

Happy parents with 2 children on their shoulders
Parents play an important part in shaping one’s life.

Celebrate Global Day of Parents

People all over the world have the opportunity to appreciate parents and parental figures for the vital role they play in the development of families. Community leaders, parents, children, teachers, and family organizations get together in celebrating the day and promoting effective parenting.

Public Life

Global Day of Parents is a worldwide observance and not a public holiday.

About Global Day of Parents

On September 17, 2012, the UN publicly declared that the Global Day of Parents would be held annually on June 1. This observance recognizes parents as vital in providing protection and positive development for their children. The UN also noted that parents of every race, religion, culture and nationality in all parts of the world were the primary caregivers and teachers of their children.

Global Day of Parents Observances


Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type
Sat Jun 1 2013 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Sun Jun 1 2014 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Mon Jun 1 2015 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Wed Jun 1 2016 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Thu Jun 1 2017 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Fri Jun 1 2018 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Sat Jun 1 2019 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance
Mon Jun 1 2020 Global Day of Parents United Nations observance

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