Diogal Sakho is a musician and singer who hails from the West African nation Senegal.

Map of Senegal.


Flag of Senegal.

Born in 1970 in Ngor, a small fishing village in the Lebu community in Dakar, Senegal, as a child Diogal listened to his uncles play music. He self-taught himself on the guitar and it was not long before Diogal began writing his first songs. In 1996, Loy Ehrlich, who worked with such illustrious musicians as Toure Kunda, Youssou N’Dour and Geoffrey Oryema, noticed Diogal’s talent and helped him record his first two cassettes for the Senegalese market ( Xarrit Taffa and Mbaryi ). Since 1998, Diogal has lived in France. In addition to Loy Ehrlich, he has worked with Lokua Kanz, Louis Winsberg, Didier Malher, and Daby Touré.

In his famous song, Sore, (The Immigrant), from the Putamayo album, Acoustic Africa (release date 2006), Diogal showcases his talent for creating lilting and memorable melodies. Sore tells of an African immigrant who longs nostalgically of his roots and of the ancestral values of the people he left behind.



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