Due to the constant comments that veer off topic, comments that have no bearing on the topic being discussed, comments that give no information bearing on the posts put up, I have decided to institute a comment moderation policy, effective June 24, 2010.

When submitting comments on any post I put up, never forget that this is my blog. This is my house. You, as a commentor, are a guest in my home, and you will show respect towards me.

You will show respect towards other visitors who leave comments. You will not attack, slur, insult, threaten with bodily injury or death me or any commentors whom you disagree with. You will not tell me what to write, nor what I should not write; you have any problems with what I write—get your own blog. You will not attack my tone and accuse me of being bitter, angry or hateful because you do not like how or what I write. You will not call me, or commentors, names because you cannot logically argue against points I/they make in my posts. You will keep to the topic of the post under discussion.

Anonymous comments will not be posted. Choose a user name, otherwise, your comment will not be allowed through.

Comments may take up to 24 hours to be posted.

You will not engage in ad hominem attacks against me or any commentors. An ad hominem is a common logical fallacy known as the ad hominem argument, which is Latin for “argument against the person” or “argument toward the person“, where you attack the person instead of attacking their argument.

Ad hominem attacks seek to cut down the person’s stature and belittle them, but, do not challenge the person’s argument; in this, the attacker dispels any logic that he or she has, and further weaken themselves since they show no ability to prove the other person’s argument as incorrect, untrue, or not factual.

Any ad hominem attack comments that make their way into my comment queue will be deleted.

Comments cannot be longer than the post. Any comment longer than the post will be edited for length, clarity, and contribution to the topic discussed, before being allowed through, or deleted altogether.

Any veering off topic to inject a strawman, ad hominem attacks, comments which have no bearing whatsoever on the topic, will garner you a first warning. Continuing to interject comments which have nothing to do with the topic, is derailing the conversation, and after the first warning YOU WILL BE BANNED.

As author of this blog, I reserve the right to edit comments for clarity, content, and length.

Other behaviour that will get you banned:

Repeatedly violating the comment policy
Ignoring my warnings
Using a sock puppet
Threatening myself, or other commenters; calling me or commentors names (instead of discussing the statement made by the commentor)
Calling for violence against me or other commentors

Not to be tolerated are attacks such as calling me or a person who comments as stupid, dumb, ignorant, a fool or a retard. Such disparaging comments show a lack of debating ability as well as stooping to the lowest common denominator in a public forum.

Troll comments will not be tolerated.

If you are unsure of the definition of a troll, click here.

When leaving comments, if you wish to highlight a portion of your comment, you can do the following:

Italics: Put <i> at the beginning and end of what you wish to italicize

Boldface: Put <b>   at the beginning and end of what you wish to boldface.

Links: Put a space before and after a URL (the part that starts with http://) – or put it on a separate line then it will become a working link.

I will not tolerate comments, directed to me or commentors, that have racial and sexist slurs in them. Those words are as follows:

I am sure you get the meaning.
This is my blog. I have no problem with those who disagree with me, but, I will not tolerate those who cannot engage in conversation that leads to knowledge and information.

If you continue to have a problem when coming to my blog, then I suggest you find another blog more to your liking.

There are tens of thousands of blogs across the Internet, and I am sure you will find one that suits your interests as well as ideology, on the other hand,  you will find that one cannot always be in agreement with what a person says, but, one can still at least engage in civility and stay on topic  as well as add something of merit to the topic under discussion.

Thank you.

12 responses to “COMMENT POLICY

  1. Glen

    Hello, my name is Glen Shikunov and I recently found an article published with my name it in in one of your archives. The reporter misquotes me multiple times in the article and took everything said entirely out of context to benefit her story with the angle she wanted the interview to go. Now this article comes up anytime any employer does a google search for my name and is libelous in every sense of the term. I respectfully ask you to wipe this old article from your archives due to questionable reporting. Thank you.

    The article can be found at this link:

    • Ann

      I contacted, by e-mail, the author of the article of which you speak, and she stated that she has not received any correspondence from you on how you were stated in the article. She stated that she stands by the article.

      I will keep the post up.

      If you have any further questions/complaints against the article, I suggest that you contact Ms. Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, who wrote the article and quoted you. You can reach her at this e-mail:

      Thank you.

  2. I’d like to find the author of the “Strong Black Woman is Dead Poem” in order to re-post on our Trust Black Women Website (

    Please advise me who to contact for permission. If you’d like more information on TBW, please let me know. Thanks!

  3. Darla Hand

    My father is now 91 years old. A WW11 vet. He is haunted by a train that was bombed in France during WW11. This train was full of Black Troops, he said it was in Lahar, I am not sure of the spelling.


    May I be added to your Blog Roll please?
    My blog, The STOP THE MEDIA SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST BLACK WOMEN, was started in 2011 in response to the constant denigrating, demeaning, and demonizing portrayals of Black Women in the media. Just FYI about myself, I theblog author takes Fannie Lou Hamer’s famous words to heart of being “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” – and hope to highlight the racist and marginalizing depictions coming out of the mainstream media regarding Black Women (and men).
    The URL is

    If you’d like me to add your blogs badge to my site, just let me know and I will happily.

    Thank You, Sick and Tired


    MODERATOR: Thank you for your comments.

    I no longer have a blogroll that has bloggers. My blogroll is dedicated to petitions that I find worthy to showcase, and has been dedicated to petitions for quite some time.

    But, thank you again for your comments, and good luck to you on your blog.

  5. michael w gress

    I’m just telling this I like black woman OK I think there always say what’s on there minds then a white woman (but ) I’ve been wrong before I’ve seen white woman say what’s on there mind as well, I just think all woman are great no matter what color they are

  6. I’m a plain dumb white guy, a Mormon mind you, who has been doing some lengthy pondering on just how Mormon doctrine gets to be Mormon doctrine. My latest effort took apart the process of how the “negro and the priesthood” doctrine(s) got developed and permutated, as well as what it took to eradicate this mental illness from the religion. I would greatly appreciate your attention and commentary at:

    (Religion for Mormons and other Idiots, Elder White and Brother Brown)

    My own commentary policy is that I pretty much allow anything that isn’t blatantly obscene or just pointless name-calling and abusive. So far I think I either impress the hell out of people so much, or scare the hell out of people so much, I have few comments period. I would appreciate yours however, as I need the perspective both from the viewpoint of a woman, and that of the offended party in the matter.


  7. Jewish Organized Crime has victimized good Black people, just like they have everyone else. By printing their “smears” and allowing them to tell us who to love and who to hate – you abet their criminal behavior. These uninvited “social predators” are the cause of all our racial tension (just like in the prisons – keep the gangs fighting amongst themselves that way they never see who their persecutors really are). Fortunately, I know too many good Black Women who aren’t chained to a Jew Master and have the courage and the intelligence to stand up for the Truth. Your friend, Karl Gharst

    MODERATOR: How do I, as you state (“you abet their criminal behavior”) abetting someone’s behaviour? Since when is presenting both sides of an issue (post/comments) abetting any specific group?

    As for this: “Your friend”…

    No, I am not your friend.

  8. sactopaula

    I am a studies and i am trying to work with adolescent and want to help them to get out of Prostitution . I want to help them to stop doing Drug and konw that thier is more to life . Dont let someone talk them in to Prostitution are do drug.

  9. May I respectfully request “retarded” be added to the list? Here’s why I am asking:

  10. Marc Halberstadt

    Dear Kathmanduk2 blog,

    Can you tell me how to obtain permission to use black and white photography of lynchings that appear on your site? I am working on a documentary film about racial and religious intolerance. I need one or two images to illustrate the comments of a person in the doc (a Black man whose great-uncle was lynched in the 20th century).

    Thank you for your attention.

    Marc Halberstadt

    MODERATOR: Some of the photos of lynch victims can be found across the Internet, as many of these are in the public domain.

    When using a photo from a site (blog, archival site or name of the photographer), always link back to the source where you obtained the photo, concerning fair use policy or copyright infringement. Such action should cover any copyright issues that may occur.

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