Fox’s war on ‘Black Lives Matter’; 10 Confederate memorial of note; CofCC member up for re-election; and more.


Hatewatch Staff
October 27, 2015

Media Matters: From ‘hate group’ to ‘Nazis,’ Fox News ramps up their war on Black Lives Matter.

AlterNet: Ten noteworthy memorials to the Confederacy that still stand.

Daily Kos: She’s supported the white supremacist group that inspired Dylann Roof, and she’s up for re-election.

Crooks and Liars: Navy chaplain wins his discipline case, plans to continue preaching homophobic doctrine.

WCIV-TV (Mt. Pleasant, S.C.): Ku Klux Klan fliers turn up in Walterboro neighborhoods.

Right Wing Watch: Tennessee televangelist warns that gay rights will lead to ‘catastrophic natural disasters’ and violent persecution.

Think Progress: After students vote to take it down, Ole Miss will no longer fly the state flag.

Raw Story: Ken Ham offers bizarre rebuttal of Bill Nye, claiming climate-change ‘alarmists’ could push for mass killings.

Salon: Kim Davis’s newly unearthed emails reveal Christian extremists’ plot against the Constitution.


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