Here is a website, Cinnamongirl, Inc.  that addresses the needs, accomplishments, and positive contributions that Black American and Latina American girls give to their families, communities, and nation. 

The organization seeks to develop “proud, confidant and courageous women”, to empower them, and help them reach their highest potential,  in a world that constantly seeks their annihilation and defamation.

The website’s “Bill of Rights” speaks to the needs of black and brown girls uniqueness as individuals, their right to be loved, to have opportunities in life, to express their intelligence, and their pride in themselves as human beings in this country and this world.

All-in-all, a very worthy organization for more uplifting of black and brown girls.

The site’s overview is as follows:

OverviewThe Cinnamongirl Inc. (CGI) program is designed to complement the education participants receive in school. Each month the 15 participants and 8 mentors spend time organized under three main headings: Relationship Building, Enrichment Activities and Empowerment Dialogues.In these meetings, participants are introduced to a wide variety of experiential activities that promote in CGI‘s participants a sense of belonging to a community in which they explore personal-growth discussions and enrichment trips related to culture, history, health & nutrition, education and career development.

Sharing these experiences encourage support, guidance and “sistership.”

Relationships with Dynamic Women

Participants build long-lasting relationships with professional women across career paths and backgrounds. Participants also establish new friendships with other highly motivated young girls.

Enrichment Activities

Participants will experience a world outside their community. Enrichment trips include visits to cultural festivals, museums, live theatre, career development, Day-in-the-Life…and more.

Empowerment Dialogues

The girls will participate in discussions like, “What Is a True Leader”, “Handling Rejection, Criticism & Failure” and “Developing a Positive Body Image.” Moderators facilitate these discussions and mentors add their feelings and experiences.

The <acronym>CGI</acronym> Program



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