Images of Black Women showcases the skills, talents, creativity and of many Black women in the film industry, whether in front of the camera, or behind it. The site celebrates and promotes women of African-descent in cinema, thereby increasing the visibility, and acknowledgement of women of African-descent in film.

IBW achieves these goals by giving a Lifetime Achievement Award by screening an established woman filmmaker’s work; an Emerging Filmmaker’s Award, a short film competition for 15-minute length films; an Animation Workshop, a program for children between the ages of 8-14-years of age; Young Adult Digital program, for young people 16+ years of age; and workshops and seminars on the film industry, how to navigate it and how to film documentaries.

The festival, back at the Tricycle Theater in London, England, showcases films that seek to dispel the negative images of Black women in film and videos, presents films from directors and producers by African and Black women throughout the Diaspora, and a Q&A panel of actors, directors and producers who will be on hand to discuss their films.  Tickets for the festival can be bought for a weekend pass or on an individual basis for a specific film.

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