By Ed Wiley III, Staff Writer

Posted March 4, 2008 – Charles Knipp is making a mint dissing sistahs. The self-described “fat, White, gay man” blackens his face, dons a nappy wig and lathers on the ruby-red lipstick; he ghettoizes his lingo, making it noticeably more “ignunt,” and becomes his popular alter-ego, Shirley Q. Liquor, “an illiterate welfare mother with 19 kids who guzzles malt liquor and drives a Caddy.”And all across America – in gay night clubs in Memphis and Miami, and comedy events, parades and drag shows from New York and Atlanta to San Jose, Calif. – Shirley Q. is in demand. He’s also a regular in New Orleans, performing in venues that are in the shadows of the trailers where displaced hurricane victims still live. 
Chuck Knipp, a white male homosexual comedian, performs in blackface as Shirley Q. Liquor

Occupation actor, comedian,Nurse,Minister.
Website Shirley Q. Liquor

(Top) In response to activist Jasmyne Cannick’s boycott of Knipp’s act, which led to the cancellation of a West Hollywood show, promoters posted Cannick’s e-mail address & telephone number (edited out for legal reasons) encouraging visitors “take a stand against Jasmyne”. (bottom) A protest in Hartford, Conn. led to a canceled show at gay club Chez Est. In its place, a free comedy show called “Laugh Him Out of Town” was presented at a local high school.

But this week, as Americans of all races and genders highlight the contributions that women have mad to the world, some activists are working to bring an end to an act they say is demeaning and just plain mean-spirited. It’s not as if African-American women, who already suffer from the double-whammy of being Black and female in a racist and sexist society, need an extra slap from Shirley Q. Liquor, says Jasmyne Cannick, a Los-Angeles-based community leader, who regularly challenges Knipp’s brand of humor.

“Imus may have called Black women ‘nappy-headed ho’s,’ but it’s Knipp who routinely tries to bring that image to life onstage as Shirley Q. Liquor,” says Cannick. “The hypocrisy is sickening. This has gone on for far too long under the radar.”

And, speaking of sickening, Cannick says that Knipp has lashed back in a manner she describes as hateful and downright misogynistic. Knipp posted on his personal Web site a smiling portrait of Cannick, superimposed over the naked body of a morbidly obese Black woman.  She says that the image has caused her great distress, noting that now she comes up on pornographic Web sites when people Google her name. “Sometimes I wonder if people are recognizing me from that horrible image on the Internet,” an obviously distraught Cannick told

These are tough times for Black women she said. Coming off Black History Month and flowing into Women’s History Month, it’s difficult to ignore just how easy it is for society to “make a fool of us,” she said. For example, she points to the way Knipp mocks the way some Black people talk with comments like “axe your mamma how she durrin”; laughs at the Black American holiday Kwanzaa; and sings about “Black-sounding” names in his music video “Who Is My Baby’s Daddy,” where Shirley Q. Liquor tries to recollect the names of her “chirrun – Cheeto, Orangello, Chlamydia, and Kmartina.”

But such antics often conceal deeper, more hateful attitudes about Black women, she said, pointing to Megan Williams, the 20-year-old Black woman who in early September was kidnapped by six Whites in West Virginia, and raped, tortured and forced to eat animal feces while being called the “N”-word. “All of these issues we have to contend with,” she said.

But Cannick isn’t allowing Knipp to wage his battle against Black women without fighting back. On Monday, she announced the launch of, where anybody else who’s sickened by Knipp can sign a petition, learn where his upcoming engagements are – so you can blow up the venues phone lines or protest in other ways – and engage gay and Black leaders to take up the Shirley Q. Liquor issue.

On Monday, Bev. Smith, who hosts the popular “The Bev Smith Show” on National Black talk radio’s American Urban Radio Network, dedicated her entire show to blasting Knipp. The network reaches an estimated 20 million listeners.  “We believe that if Mr. Knipp is a true talent, he can find plenty of folks who look just like him to present in three-dimensional caricature,” Smith said in a statement. “If he really is funny, then he can find more than enough insulting and stereotypical elements of his own group, their background, and their culture, to mock. HE DOES NOT NEED OURS. As it is said, we have enough problems.

“Would Charles Knipp have done this to an Associated Press journalist? Would the head of Mike Wallace or Cokie Roberts or Jorge Ramos be used this way without response from their respective communities? We think not.”

Should Shirley Q. Liquor be banned, or is it freedom of speech?  Click “Discuss Now” to post your comment. And read more of Cannick’s commentary here .


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8 responses to “DOGGING SISTAHS

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  2. Mr. Knipp’s antics are degrading and sickening to me. I heard of him three years ago and his antics against Black women in America is evil. He’s evil just like Imus and the rest of the media that profits from hateful stereotypes of Black women.

    Stephanie B.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA …. love the pic !! funny as….

  4. Abdul Kareem Muhammad

    Most black people, especially here in Atlanta, are paranoid. They don’t take criticism well, are in rage most of the time and overly sensitive. They cannot laugh at themselves, and they consider admitting wrong a sign of weakness. So, therefore, all this crap about Shirley Q. being racist is ridiculous. Racism against white people goes on all the time, and is far more paramount in this country – but white people are far too busy working to care. Get over yourselves.

  5. heritage

    we should no contribute to making this idot of a guy a hereo, let him continued in what he his doing until he himself will overuined himself, but by fighting we are trying to make him a hero.

  6. heritage

    we should contribute inmaking this gay of a guy a hero, let go along he will meet his distructions, let us get forcursed in librating our mind.

  7. I would like to say that now, unfortunately, Black men are using the same antics as this Charles Knipp to completely dogg us sistahs. Eddie Murphy in Norbit, Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence to a lesser degree as Madea and Big Momma, and now Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx as “Skank Robbers”.

    These are actually worse than Charles Knipp’s portraytals of Black women because the hatred is being embodied by Black men. It’s also much more dangerous because by having Black men play these demonizing and degrading roles of Black women, the y are legitimizing and validating these depictions as OK.

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