Fourth Gravitational Wave Event Detected

Sky & Telescope
Teaming up with LIGO, Europe’s Virgo detector has bagged its first gravitational waves. The three-observatory detection enabled scientists to better pinpoint the merging black holes’ location. Read more…

Some Damage to Arecibo Observatory; Stormy Times Ahead

Sky & Telescope
Arecibo and its team rode out the largest storm in its history, but it’s still unclear what the moderate damage will mean for the radio observatory’s future. Read more…

Iconic Radio Telescope Begins 7-year Search for New Objects

Sky & Telescope
A new survey promises the most complete map of radio-emitting celestial sources ever made. It will reveal thousands of new objects after seven years of observation. Read more…

Osiris-REX Images Earth During Flyby

Sky & Telescope
The asteroid-bound OSIRIS-REX mission took time during last Friday’s gravity assist maneuver to look back at its homeworld. Read more…

First Black Holes Maybe Had Supersonic Help

Sky & Telescope
Gas flows in the early universe may have kept clouds from collapsing too soon, enabling them to grow into massive black hole seeds. Read more…

Hawai’i Gives Go-Ahead to Thirty Meter Telescope

Sky & Telescope
After protests and a judge’s ruling brought the colossal Thirty Meter Telescope project to a halt, a state panel has cleared the way for its construction atop Mauna Kea to proceed. Read more…


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, September 29 – October 7

Sky & Telescope
This week look for Altair, Arcturus, and Capella in the night sky — read to find out what other objects should have excellent viewing this week. Read more…

Ride “Big Blue” to Places You Never Knew

Sky & Telescope
What does the sky look like through a 36-inch telescope? I found out at Ohio’s Hidden Hollow Star Party last week. Here’s my report and a few observing targets to share. Read more…

Tour October’s Sky: Saturn in the Southwest

Sky & Telescope
October’s astronomy podcast helps you track down Saturn after sunset and offers a peek at what’s in view before dawn. Read more…

NGC 7331: Odd One Out

Sky & Telescope
Can you spot this Binocular Highlight from Mathew Wedel – spiral galaxy NGC 7331? Grab your binoculars and find a nice dark sky spot. Read more…


An Ancient Eclipse in Ithaca

Sky & Telescope
During the author’s May 2017 trip to Kefalonia he learned of an ancient eclipse on the neighboring island of Ithaca with ties to the Odyssey. Read more…

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