Hubble’s Stunning New Pictures of Jupiter

A Hubble legacy program has returned high-res pictures of Jupiter, revealing changes to the Great Red Spot and mysterious new wisps in the North Equatorial Belt.

Highlights of Pluto-Charon Results

Forget the high-octane press releases. NASA’s New Horizons team has detailed the mission’s early results in the new issue of Science.

Advanced LIGO On the Hunt

What exciting new discoveries await astronomers in the field of gravitational wave astronomy?

Geoff Marcy, Exoplanet Leader in Sexual Harassment Case, Resigns

Geoffrey Marcy, a top figure in exoplanet discovery, sexually pressured and harassed students and researchers for at least a decade.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 16 – 24

The crescent Moon hangs over Saturn and Antares in the southwest at dusk. And can you find the little constellation Delphinus and its twin orange variable stars?

Take the Gegenschein Challenge

How and when to see the gegenschein, cousin of the zodiacal light and one of the greatest night sky naked-eye challenges.

Podcast: Tour the Predawn Planet Pile-Up in October’s Sky

Early risers will be treated to wonderful groupings of bright planets, and the evening sky offers excellent stargazing as well.

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