Two Exocomet Populations Around Beta Pictoris

The comets in the infant planetary system around Beta Pictoris come from two families.

Ghostly Light From Dead Galaxies

Astronomers are peering into a galaxy cluster’s past, using Hubble’s Frontier Fields to measure the light from ghost stars cast adrift in galaxy collisions.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance – October 31 – November 8 

Trick-or-treaters will see a first-quarter Moon shining in the south after dark on Halloween night. For early risers, Mercury’s best apparition of 2014 awaits.

Exoplanets for the Mind’s Eye

You might call it wishful thinking, but here’s how to “see” a dozen exoplanets in the fall evening sky.

Where, When, and How to See Mercury

The innermost planet is well known for its speedy motion around the Sun, but you can spot it early in November hovering over the eastern horizon before sunrise.

Tour November’s Sky: The Saga of Cassiopeia

As the evening sky wheels around in late autumn, a mythic drama plays out in the stars above. Taking center stage, almost directly overhead at nightfall, is Cassiopeia, the Queen.


Auroras Aplenty on Sky & Telescope‘s Iceland Tour
Iceland Aurora Tour
Senior contributing editor Bob Naeye recently led a Sky & Telescope tour of Iceland, where 50 astrotourists were treated to spectacular views of the Northern Lights.

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