It’s Not a Housing Boom. It’s a Land Grab

This time, the runaway housing market is being fueled by Wall Street’s gobbling up properties. But the results will be just as bad for regular people as it was four years ago.

Economic justice contributor Imara Jones reports.

Researchers Find Immigrants Put Billions More Into Medicare Than They Use

Seth Freed Wessler looks at a new study that found immigrants are paying for everyone’s grandmother’s healthcare.

Virginia Governor Will Restore Nonviolent Felons’ Voting Rights

Brentin Mock looks at the historic decision made in Virginia this week.

Alice Walker Absolutely Does Not Want Alicia Keys to Perform in Israel
Walker to Keys: Google me. And then visit Gaza instead.

George Zimmerman Legal Team Asks Public for Cash
Zimmerman’s attorneys posted on their website Wednesday that his defense fund had less than $5,000 left. The fund had almost $315,000 in January.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Appeal Racial Profiling Decision
Arpaio also said that he ordered his deputies to stop detaining undocumented immigrants solely because of their immigration status.

‘What Kind of Asian Are You?’ Answered in Hilarious Video
Ever been asked where you’re from? Here’s one way you could respond.

Apple Announces New Upgrade: Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson
Jackson will be coordinating environmental efforts across the technology company.

Wal-Mart Smacked With $110 Million in Fines for Environmental Crimes
Wal-Mart plead guilty on Tuesday for Clean Water Act violations that involved years of illegally handling hazardous liquids and pesticides in California and Missouri.

Oklahoma’s Latinos Join Recovery Effort Amid State’s Cultural Change
A look at how Latinos are handling recovery after the tornado that hit Oklahoma earlier this month.

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