#1 R&B Song 1976:   “Inseparable,” Natalie Cole


Born:   Gregory Hines, 1946



1953   Legendary R&B entrepreneur and producer George Goldner formed the RAMA label. Its first release was the 5 Budds’ “I Was Such A Fool”. ($500).


1961   The Platters sued their label, Mercury Records, after amassing thirty-two hits because the label refused to issue  singles not sung by lead Tony Williams, who left the group in 1960.  As the debate raged, Mercury released twelve more 45s through 1964, all old previously-recorded sides.


1964   The Crystals performed on the British teen show, Ready, Steady, Go!, which was the equivalent of Soul Train and American Bandstand rolled into one.


1987   The Impressions charted with “Can’t Wait Til Tomorrow,” reaching only #91 R&B. It was their fiftieth single to hit the R&B lists in an illustrious recording career that spanned twenty-nine years. The group is performing to this day.

1994   Lenny Kravitz was awarded the Best International Male Artist trophy at the thirteenth Brit Awards in London.


1996   Prince finally gave up the bachelor’s life for the hand of a dancer named Mayte Garcia. The wedding in a Minneapolis church was on a Valentine’s Day.


1998   The Isley Brothers were honored at the twenty-ninth NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, CA, with the Hall of Fame Award.

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