‘God used slavery to get black people into this country.”


So, why did not God use slavery to get Eastern Europeans, Asians, Scandinavians into this country?

What, they were too good for slavery? Only the first human beings to walk the Earth were good for slavery. according to you?

“God was sure looking out for Black folks.”

“Greatest country in the world.”


“You see how bad Africa is.”

Yeah, what the hell, Black Americans didn’t really need all the history/culture/traditions that we had that American race-based slavery attacked and assailed before our black ancestors could barely be forced aboard slave ships. Thanks to America, we will never know exactly what part of West Africa our African ancestors came from. Unlike many European groups (Irish, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), we will never know and be able to speak the history/languages our African ancestors had beaten, burned, tortured and cut out of them:  Wolof, Mandinka, Yoruba, Ibo. We will never know what great African kingdoms our African ancestors hailed from: Benin, Mali, Songhay, Timbuktu, Ashanti. Unlike other racial/ethnic groups, we will never be able to trace our way back to our maternal line, through the torn up, broken, ripped to pieces lineage that American race-based slavery was so kind to obliterate. I am sure millions of Black Americans can’t wait to thank America for going above and beyond the call of duty in her desire to destroy us. We should be so grateful that unlike all other racial/ethnic groups, we alone cannot say without a doubt:  “There, that is where my mother’s side of the family comes from in present-day Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Niger.”

Unlike so many other racial/ethnic groups, we cannot say without a doubt, that we can trace an unbroken Black male/paternal line back to various cultures on the West coast of Africa.

I mean what the hell—-unlike other racial/ethnic groups, we obviously didn’t need, nor deserve, nor have the God-given right to our history/culture. Unlike other racial/ethnic groups, we obviously deserved to have ours annihilated, through no fault of our own.

Thank you America for you and Europe/America were beacons of light and reasoning:  Spanish Inquisition (Torquemada); Salem Witch Trials; genocide against Native First World people. Yep, Europe, and America, were always such bastions of sanity and humanity towards Black /non-white people. Mustn’t forget the lynchings.

Being driven from our homes and towns——banish, or die.

Mustn’t forget the racial ethnic cleansing pogroms, Rosewood, Greenwood/Tulsa, Wilmington, Colfax, the sharecropping/peonage, the convict leasing system.



The racial covenants. The present-day racial profiling. The substandard “still-separate-and-unequal education and housing. Disparity in the (in)justice system. Yep. . . America has been sooooo good for Black Americans. So silly of me to be so ungrateful for all the hells America has put us Black citizens through. . . .and still is putting us through.

“The pain for freedom was tough.”

So, my African ancestors did not have freedom until they met Europeans and then became enslaved? Then they found their freedom while being enslaved?  So, explain how do you obtain freedom by being enslaved? When you were free before you were enslaved?

“Like riding on a crowded airplane….it is a tough ride… you are happy to get to your destination.”

Oh, silly me, I forgot how easy my enslaved Black ancestors had it on the Middle Passage slave ships. It was just a walk in the park. . . .the three-month voyage drowning in your shackled neighbor’s shit, urine, vomit, menstrual blood, and dysentery. Unable to bathe. Fed in ways that a dog or hog should not be fed. Oh, mustn’t forget those who were tossed overboard (many while still alive) to the waiting jaws of sharks. (Where do you think the phrase “swimming with sharks” originated from?) Then the survivors finally arriving on shore after the trip of a lifetime. Yeah. . . . you can’t wait to be whipped, starved, raped, and sold off from your loved ones.

Oh, and especially the breathless anticipation of the vacation hotspots known as Reconstruction/KKK/Red Shirts/ Compromise of 1877, and that most illustrious period of all————Jane Crow segregation, where for over 90 years humiliation was the life of the party. The tour guides, how can I forget them:  Andrew Johnson, Patty Cannon, Rutherford B. Hayes, Walter Plecker, Strom Thurmond, Cole Blease, Ben Tillman, George Wallace, Jesse Helms, Robert Byrd. They were such swell friends of Black Americans, always looking out for Black Americans.

Yep, my Black ancestors just couldn’t get enough of white supremacy depravity and atrocities.

“Appreciation to the White man who went there and brought us here…I want to say “Thanks”.


Sick. Demented. Pathetic.

All the electro-convulsive therapy/transorbital prefrontal lobotomies in the world will never help this sick, twisted pile of a sorry excuse for a human being.


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  1. Tell me this is not real…..Please……Please..I’m ashamed to be in the same species as he is…..I won’t even get started on this nonsense.

  2. concerned

    See ,expect words from (edit) like jesse lee peterson, ( his name does not deserve Rev. in front of it nor capital letters) . Please do not get offended from the words of a stupid male . Age does make a man. Please!, let someone tell that stupid (edit) about the great Black Americans that has contributed to this society.

    NOTE: This comment has been edited for posting.

  3. JoJo Parrot

    Souls have no gender or race, and the souls chose each aspect of their life before entering the physical body. Each soul has it’s own purpose for each lifetime.

  4. prophet mwesigwa nathan

    thanks for serving God man of God . let us keep in touch take care. prophet Nathan uganda

  5. 709green

    I guess if something bad will happen to him in this world, his future relatives should be thankful the the Thug, Person or Persons that did the bad deed to Mr Peterson if it seems to turn out good for the future generation down the road. (???)


  7. dainty39gm

    Interesting blog and article. Is this dude serious? Why would he say that? He could be one of those self-hating dudes who’s mad at God for some reason. Maybe he needs a woman. I don’t know. But something’s wrong w/ picture. I just can’t figure it out.

  8. dainty39gm

    Well, I read more about Jesse P and found out that he, Jesse Jackson, Greg Mathias, and Jesse Jackson’s son, Jonathon got into a physical confrontation. Jesse P signed complaints against them. But thats not the bad part. It seems Jesse Jackson’s being sued for sexual discrimination.

    An openly gay ex-employee is suing Jesse Jackson for sexual discrimination. A black guy named Tommy Bennett claims that Jesse made sexual advances towards him while he was employed at PUSH/RAINBOW COALITION. Here are some of Tommy’s claims:
    1.) He was ordered to “clean up” hotel rooms AFTER Jesse’s sexcapades with other women. One woman is Tamara Holder and the other woman is a judge. So it seems Jesse’s still cheating on his wife.

    2.) Tommy says that Jesse summoned him to his room at 1 am to take notes. When he arrived, Jesse was dressed in his underwear and a t-shirt. He was wearing no other clothing. I’m assuming Tommy walked in the room to take nots b/c then he claims that Jesse was sitting in a chair and began playing with himself becoming aroused and breathing hard. When Tommy shot down his advances Jesse called him a little mo**erf**ker.

    3.) When Jesse was in high school, a gay teacher gave him money, bought him clothes, let Jesse drive his car, and gave Jesse o**l sex everyday. Jesse told this to Tommy and said that it wasn’t considered gay. Jesse said that it was survival

    4.) Supposedly, Jesse plans to settle out of court. Tommy’s suing for close to half a million dollars.

    I’ve always thought Jesse Jackson as being full of it. And there’s proof online that I was right.


    The post is about the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

    Since your comment is off topic, it would be appreciated if links are provided for any comments posted that are off topic. While what you state may be true, it would be appreciated if source links are provided. In the future when posting comments off topic, please do so on the Open Thread page.

    If you have any more information on Rev. Peterson, you are welcome to post it here.

    Thank you.

  9. Wow

    MODERATOR; I have edited out your comment because I do not allow comments that advocate the death of any person.

    Now, if you wish to post a comment again, I have no problem with “Somebody….chastise….call out on his ignorance…or refute Jesse’s poor mixed-up frame of mind.”

    My Comment Policy spells out what I allow on my blog.

    The rev is a messed up man. But not to the point where he should be killed.

    Thank you.

  10. England

    Great post.

    Rev Peterson………….get help………….soon

  11. Beehive

    Wow! Some people just have mental problems that cant be helped.

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