Many citizens are still unsure on which candidate they want to vote for in the 2008 presidential campaign. I did some research into the candidates running for the highest office in the land to try and shed some light on what their political platforms are on the many issues that affect us all. I did a two-prong approach:

a.  Obtained the “official political platform” sites of each candidate

b.  Searched for the best non-partisan site that gave information on the candidates political platform.  

Hopefully this information will give everyone some idea on where these candidates stand, as well as give everyone added information to help them decide which candidate best represents their needs. These candidates have filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), and are conducting multi-state campaigns.  I will only list these, and not those who are still in the deciding mode on whether or not to throw their hats in the ring.          


Senator Sam Brownback(Campaign site)
Sam Brownback, born September 12, 1956, in Kansas, senior Senator from that state. In April 2005, the Associated Press reported that Brownback, who is little known outside his home state, “is using a network of social conservatives and Christian activists to raise his profile” in such battleground states as Iowa and New Hampshire. He is well known for his social and fiscal conservative record, such as opposing abortion and instituting a flat tax alternative to the current IRS Code. He was also instrumental in Congress’ bestowing the Congressional Medal upon Mother Teresa. In his own words, “The core of my being is to rebuild the family and renew the culture.” On December 4, 2006, Brownback announced that he would form an exploratory committee. On January 20, 2007 Brownback officially announced his candidacy. Of his campaign, Brownback has said, “I’m a son of a farmer from Kansas … I still think anybody can be president. I don’t think you have to show up with $100 million to do it. … I’m the tortoise in the race. And I don’t like how the race starts; I like how it ends up.”

Rudy Giuliani former mayor of New York City(Campaign site)


Rudolph Giuliani, born May 28,  1944, in New York, former mayor of New York City. Giuliani said on October 2, 2005, that he would look at the possibility of running for President. On November 13, 2006, he announced that he was forming an exploratory committee. He has led several state and nationwide polls for the Republican nomination and the general election, and has been mentioned by many media sources as a possible candidate since the 9/11 attacks and a speech to the 2004 Republican Convention. Giuliani is pro-choice, and supports a type of civil union between same sex couples and agrees for legal and medical reasons that same sex relationships should get the same rights under the law. He also believes in strong restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms and agrees with harsh punishment for illegal weapons or non permitted weapons. While opinions differ, some think that these positions could help him, should he secure the nomination, in the general election; others question whether the Republican base would support a nominee with Giuliani’s social positions. On February 5, 2007, Giuliani unofficially entered the race for the 2008 US presidential election by filing a “statement of candidacy” with the Federal Election Commission, but legally keeping him at the same level as he was while running an exploratory committee. On February 15, Giuliani officially announced that he was running on CNNs Larry King Live show. If elected, Giuliani would be the first Italian-American to hold the office of president, the second Roman Catholic, following John Kennedy.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas(Campaign site)


Mike Huckabee, born August 24, 1955, in Hope, Arkansas, served as Governor of Arkansas for 10 and a half years. Huckabee has announced he will seek the Presidency in 2008.  He has made several trips to important primary states, including a four-day trip to New Hampshire in August 2006. His campaign has been focused largely on Iowa for the Ames Straw Poll on August 11, 2007 He announced that he would be running in 2008 on NBC’s Meet the Press Television show with Tim Russert and has since made an appearances on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, The Today Show on NBC and many appearances on CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC regarding the 2008 Presidential ElectioN..

Representative Duncan Hunter(Campaign site)


Duncan Hunter, born May 31, 1948, in Riverside, California, U.S. Representative from that state and former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Hunter formally announced his presidential candidacy in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on January 25, 2007. He is known for his strong stance against illegal immigration, support and opposition to free trade agreements like North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization.  He introduced H.R. 552, The Right to Life Act, “to implement equal protection . . . for the right to life of each born and preborn human person”; it has over 100 co-sponsors.

Dr. Alan Keyes(Campaign site)
Alan Keyes, born August 7, 1950, is a former Reagan administration diplomat, a Harvard-educated constitutional scholar, and a conservative political activist. He is also a former television and radio talk show host. He has previously run twice for President of the United States in 1996 and 2000 and three times for the U.S. Senate in 1988, 1992, and 2004 as a Republican.

Senator John McCain(Campaign site)

John McCain, born August 29, 1936, in the US-controlled Panama Canal Zone, Senator from Arizona. Often characterized as a Republican maverick in the Senate, he is well-known. In 2000, he failed in his attempt to deny George W. Bush the Republican nomination: McCain continued his ultimately unsuccessful campaign long after the other Republican candidates had united behind Bush.

McCain’s bipartisan compromise on judicial nominations and his strong support of campaign finance reform have drawn the ire of many groups, many of which have vowed to work against any McCain campaigns for the Republican nomination in 2008. However, he has a strong stance on many issues and economically falls more along the lines of traditional “fiscal conservatism.” These factors, along with his commitment to the War on Terror (including Iraq) have boosted his popularity amongst conservatives since 2004, when he emphasized these traits while stumping for Republican candidates. If elected, he would become the oldest person in history elected president, surpassing Ronald Reagan, and if elected to two terms, McCain would be the oldest sitting president in U.S. history.

On November 15, 2006, McCain announced that he would form an exploratory committee.

On “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Feb 28, 2007, Sen. John McCain announced he will seek the GOP presidential nomination, and made a formal announcement on April 25, 2007.

Representative Ron Paul(Campaign site)


Ron Paul, born August 20, 1935, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a long time U.S. Representative from Texas with a strong constitutionalist and libertarian voting record. Paul has been nicknamed “Dr. NO” for his opposition to tax increases and spending bills. He has chastened his fellow Republicans for abandoning the party’s ideals, and for helping to create an unsustainable national debt now in the trillions of dollars. Paul seeks to “reinstate the Constitution and restore the Republic.”

On January 11, 2007, Paul filed papers to form an exploratory committee for the 2008 presidential race. He formally declared his candidacy 12 March 2007 as a guest on Washington Journal on C-SPAN. He is not running as a Libertarian as he did nearly two decades ago. Paul has the distinction of being opposed to the Iraq  War and interventionist US foreign policy. He is one of 7 Republican congressman who voted against Iraq War authorization in October 2002. He has also opposed George W. Bush and the majority of Republican congressmen on many other issues, including the PATRIOT Act. His record on these issues means he may draw support from some surprising circles, including anti-war activists and paleoconservatives.

On 20 February 2007, Paul’s exploratory committee posted a formal video of him explaining his reason for running on YouTube.

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts(Campaign site)

Mitt Romney, born March 12, 1947, in Michigan, is former Governor of Massachusetts; he did not seek a second term in November 2006. Romney has made numerous trips to primary states such as South Carolina, Michigan, and New Hampshire, during recent years. Romney is running on his record as co-founder of Bain Capital, the CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and his record as Governor of Massachusetts. Although he ran as a moderate for the office of Governor of Massachusetts and during his failed Senate bid in 1994, he supported more conservative positions as his term progressed. Romney formed a presidential exploratory committee on January 3, 2007, the day he left the governor’s office.

On January 9, Romney raised $6.5 million in his first fundraiser, beating both Giuliani and McCain’s fundraising efforts ($1 and $2 million respectively).

Romney has already received major endorsements, including that of former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert.

Romney officially announced his candidacy on February 13 at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

Representative Tom Tancredo(Campaign site)

Tom Tancredo, born December 20, 1945, in Colorado, U.S. Representative from that state and leading advocate for more restrictive immigration policies. On April 2nd, 2007, Rep. Tancredo announced his official candidacy on Iowa talk radio station 1040 WHO. Tancredo has a dedicated grassroots following among paleoconservative. He has visited early Presidential primary states such as New Hampshire, Michigan and Iowa to begin building popular support and has polled favorably amongst grassroots Republicans. Tancredo announced on January 16, 2007, that he was forming an exploratory committee.

Fred Thompson, former Senator of Tennessee(Campaign site)


Fred Dalton Thompson, born August 19, 1942, former Senator from Tennessee and actor, best known for playing D.A. Arthur Branch on Law & Order. There was speculation that Thompson would run for Governor of Tennessee in 2006, but he declined to run against the popular Governor Phil Bredesen. There has recently been a movement to encourage Thompson to run for President in 2008. On March 11, 2007, Thompson said “I’m giving some thought to it. Going to leave the door open. A lot of people think it’s late already. I don’t really think it is, although the rules of the game have changed somewhat. … I think people are somewhat disillusioned. I think a lot of people are cynical out there. I think they’re looking for something different.”  On June 1, Thompson announced he had established a preliminary campaign committee, thus taking his first formal step toward an official presidential bid. On September 6, he officially entered the presidential race.


Senator Joe Biden(Campaign site)


Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S. Senator from Delaware and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988, although he ceased active campaigning in 1987, before the first primaries. Biden first hinted that he might run in 2008 in a December 8, 2004, radio interview with host Don Imus, saying: “I’m going to proceed as if I’m going to run.” Biden has repeatedly stated his intention to run, and did so as early as 21 March 2006. Biden’s Federal Leadership PAC is “Unite Our States”, which tracks Biden’s public appearances and policy positions. On 7 January 2007, when asked by Tim Russert on Meet the Press “Are you running for President?” he responded, “I am running for President.” He also said he plans to create an exploratory committee by the end of the month. On January 31, 2007, he officially signed the papers with the FEC to run for president.

  • U.S. Senator from Delaware: 1973–Present
Senator Hillary Clinton
(Campaign site)


Hillary Rodham Clinton, born October 26, 1947, in Illinois, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady of the United States. Clinton announced the formation of her exploratory committee on 20 January 2007, with a post on her website. She has delivered several speeches which analysts say are intended to reach out to moderates. She has also been holding fundraising meetings, including meeting with women from Massachusetts, a key constituency of potential rival and 2004 nominee John Kerry; however, these activities are consistent with the lead up to a campaign for re-election to her Senate seat in 2006. Many Republicans were hoping that Senator Clinton would not run for President, presumably believing her to be a polarizing figure. If elected, Clinton would be the first female president. Clinton announced on January 20, 2007, that she will run in 2008 (the same day she announced the formation of an exploratory committee). She has filed the official paperwork for an exploratory committee.

  • First Lady of Arkansas: 1979–1981 and 1983–1992
  • First Lady of the United States: 1993–2001
  • U.S. Senator from New York: 2001–present

Senator Christopher Dodd(Campaign site)
Christopher Dodd, was born May 27, 1944, in Connecticut and is a five-term U.S. Senator from that state. Dodd was reported to be a likely contender for the Democratic Vice President slot on John Kerry’s ticket in 2004. In May 2006, Dodd said he has “decided to do all the things that are necessary to prepare to seek the presidency in 2008”, including hiring staff, raising money and traveling around the country in the next few months to enlist support. On Jan. 11, 2007, Dodd announced his Presidential candidacy on the “Imus in the Morning” radio show with Don Imus.

  • U.S. Senator from Connecticut: 1981–Present
  • U.S. Representative from the Connecticut’s 2nd congressional district: 1975–1981

Former Senator John Edwards(Campaign site)


John Edwards, born June 10, 1953, in South Carolina, former U.S. Senator from North Carolina, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2000 and 2004 Democratic vice-presidential nominee. As a presidential candidate, Edwards was famed for his populist message in his “Two Americas” speech and also for his optimistic, positive attitude. This was evidenced by his refusal to attack his opponents. In the primaries, Sen. Edwards had strong come-from-behind showings in the crucial states of Iowa, Oklahom, Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Georgi. He also won the North Carolina caucus and the South Carolina primary. Edwards has kept his Federal Leadership PAC, the One America Committee, active to help Democrats across the nation win elections in the future. On February 5, 2005, Edwards spoke at the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s fundraising dinner. On August 18, 2005, Edwards traveled to Waterloo, Iowa, to deliver an address to the Iowa AFL-CIO, a potential key supporter in the Iowa caucus. On December 26, 2006, Edwards formally announced his candidacy.

  • U.S. Senator from North Carolina: 1999–2005
  • Director of the Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 2005–2006
  • Council on Foreign Relations

Former Senator Mike Gravel(Campaign site)


Mike Gravel, born May 13, 1930, in Springfield, Massachusetts. U.S. Senator from Alaska from 1969 to 1981 and an active candidate for Vice President in 1972. He is most known for playing a key role in ending the draft during the Vietnam War through the release of the Pentagon Papers and through staging a one-man filibuster for 5 months. He is also notable for advocating a guaranteed annual income, which he termed a “citizen’s wage,” of $5,000 per person, regardless of whether the person worked. On April 13, 2006, Gravel announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. His policy announcements to date include support for direct democracy, FairTax and withdrawal from Iraq. Mike Gravel filed with the FEC in April according to various news sources. The FEC’s site has listed his reports since July.

  • Alaska State Representative: 1962–1966 (Speaker: 1965–1966)
  • U.S. Senator from Alaska: 1969–1981

Representative Dennis Kucinich(Campaign site)


Dennis Kucinich, born October 8, 1946, in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio Congressman, former Mayor of Cleveland, and 2004 Democratic primary candidate. Dennis Kucinich is known by many as “The Peace Candidate”, having received the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award. Kucinich opposed the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act. Under Kucinich’s plan, United Nations peace-keepers would go to Iraq if the Iraqi citizens desire their presence. The Congressman re-introduced legislation to create a United States Department of Peace via HR 808 on February 5, 2007. He is currently campaigning to end the war in Iraq by cutting off funding, if such measures are necessary. He is the only democratic candidate who voted against authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq. He is in support of peaceful diplomatic relations with Iran, and all nations. Kucinich has received many awards praising his courage and work for peace. On December 12, 2006, Kucinich announced his candidacy at an event at Cleveland’s City Hall.

  • Mayor of Cleveland: 1978–1979
  • U.S. Representative from Ohio’s 10th congressional district: 1997–Present

Senator Barack Obama(Campaign site)


Barack Obama, born August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. Senator from Illinois. A “draft Obama” movement began with his well-received 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address. Obama was the featured speaker at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry, a political event favored by presidential hopefuls in the lead-up to the Iowa caucus. He was endorsed by talk show host Oprah Winfrey in 2006. Various recent opinion polls have seen Obama trailing only Hillary Clinton in several polls. If elected, he would become the first part black American President of the United States. Obama announced on February 10, 2007, that he will run in 2008. He has filed the official paperwork.

  • U.S. Senator from Illinois: 2005–Present

Governor Bill Richardson(Campaign site)
Bill Richardson,  born November 15, 1947, in Pasadena, California, Governor of New Mexico, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Secretary of Energy and U.S. Representative. After reportedly informing party leaders in February 2005 of his intention to run for president, on December 7, 2006, Richardson said “I am running” during his response to a prospective question about the 2008 presidential election by Fox News, however he later retracted the decision and said he would make an official decision by January. On May 21, 2007, he officially declared his candidacy.  If elected he would be the first Hispanic American to hold Presidential Office.

  • Governor of New Mexico: 2003–Present
  • United States Secretary of Energy: 1998–2001
  • United States Ambassador to the United Nations: 1997–1998
  • U.S. Representative from the New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district: 1983–1997

The non-partisan site I selected is “On the Issues”. This is the website link:

To find how a candidate voted over the years on a particular issue, look at the top of the site for the word “ISSUES”. To find on where a candidate stands on abortion, civil rights, crime, drugs, etc., look for those categories at the top as well, and click on that. Names of each candidate will come up showing present, and past performance, on where they stand.

This site gives the decisions candidates have made on various issues, not just in the present, but, also in the past. This site has information on how a particular candidate stands on say, abortion, in 2007, and how that candidate stood on abortion in say, 2005.

Here is one that I thought was very interesting.

Mitt Romney on abortion.

Read it for yourself, and you decided if Romney did the old “flip-flop” on if he is pro-life or pro-choice:


“wQ: [to Brownback]: Your campaign has been making phone calls to Iowa voters about Mitt Romney:

ANNOUNCER: Mitt Romney is telling Iowans that he is firmly pro-life. Nothing could be further from the truth. As late as 2005, Mitt Romney pledged to support and uphold pro-abortion policies and pass taxpayer funding of abortions in Massachusetts. His wife, Ann, has contributed money to Planned Parenthood. Mitt told the National Abortion Rights Action League that, “You need someone like me in Washington.”

Q: Do you stand by that attack?

BROWNBACK: I certainly do. There’s one word that describes that ad, and it’s “truthful.” That’s a truthful ad. And that’s what campaigns are about: for getting the truth out, expressing the differences between candidates.

Q: Is everything in that ad true?ROMNEY: Virtually nothing in that ad is true. I am pro-life. That’s the truth. Every action I’ve taken as governor of Massachusetts has been pro-life.

Source: 2007 GOP Iowa Straw Poll debate Aug 5, 2007

Tired of holier-than-thou attitude about becoming pro-life

Q: [to Romney]: Are any of the specifics true in Sen. Brownback’s phone ad calling you pro-choice?ROMNEY: Abortion is a very difficult decision. We’re involved in the lives of two people: a mom and an unborn child. I’ve come down on the side of saying I’m in favor of life. The best way you can learn about someone is not by asking their opponent, but ask them, “What do you believe, and what’s your view?” And I am pro-life. And virtually every part of that ad is inaccurate. I’m pro-life. My positions are pro-life.

BROWNBACK: You can go on YouTube and see the governor speaking himself about where he is on this position in 1994.ROMNEY: Look, I was pro-choice. I am pro-life. You can go back to YouTube and look at what I said in 1994. I never said I was pro-choice, but my position was effectively pro-choice. I changed my position. And I get tired of people that are holier-than-thou because they’ve been pro-life longer than I have. But I’m proud of the fact.”

Well, readers, you be the judge.

I went to youtube to search for the video, but, unfortunately, it is no longer listed.

Hopefully this post will help everyone learn more about each candidate.

For further information on what an exploratory committee is, click on this link:

For information on what the Federal Election Commission does, click on these links:

I will continue to search for other sites I think will better help everyone on the candidates.

As I find that information, I will update this post.



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