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Politics Aside, There’s No Debating the Scary Facts of Romney’s Tax Policy

Pundits are applauding Romney’s performance in a deeply technical debate. But Imara Jones argues he revealed a troubling misunderstanding—or misrepresentation—of tax and health policies that keep the country afloat.

The 2012 Attack on Voting Rights Isn’t Racist—Just Ask Artur Davis

The black politico is the tea party’s new best friend, because he insists his colleagues in the Black Belt are the real threat to voting rights. Brentin Mock reports.

A Tech Innovation in Detroit: Connect People, Not Computers

Jamilah King reports from Motor City, where a stimulus-fueled tech revolution is underway–and in which organizers say the real innovations are offline.

VIDEO: Meet W. Kamau Bell and Deanna Zandt, Your Hosts for Facing Race 2012
The FX star takes a break from his new late-night comedy show to invite you to join us in Baltimore from Nov. 15-17.

On Sapelo Island, Another Case Study in How Black Exploitation Fuels Wealth
From Georgia to sub-Saharan Africa, inequity and exploitive land deals are making a handful of people rich—again.

Pennsylvania GOP Leader Insists Voter ID Opposition Is About ‘Lazy’ Voters
State Republicans keep saying things that confirm suspicions their voter ID push is about more than “integrity” at the polls.

Minnesota Voters Raise Their Diverse Voices for Voting Rights
Our community journalist Lolla Mohammed Nur describes how people of color are changing the narrative about the state’s voter ID amendment.

How Can You Be a Conscious Sports Fan?
Yes, sports and justice can work together. Here are three ways to make it happen.

Orlando Cruz Becomes First Openly Gay Man in Boxing
The featherweight Puerto Rican boxer made history today by describing himself as a “proud gay man.”

Junot Díaz Thanks ‘Teachers and Librarians’ for Genius Grant
Our Facing Race 2012 keynote speaker landed the MacArthur Foundation’s prestigious award this week.

Shonda Rhimes Teams Up With ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Issa Rae for New ABC Comedy
The heralded screenwriter turns out to be among thousands of fans of Rae’s Web TV show.

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