Hatewatch Headlines 11/17/2017

Trump’s rhetoric felt in communities hit by hate crimes; DHS appointee suddenly steps aside; Inside the fake ‘Pizzagate’ scandal; and more.


Think Progress: Communities hit by rising hate crimes say Trump’s rhetoric is having a devastating impact.

Chicago Tribune: Trump appointee resigns from DHS outreach position after reports of bigoted remarks are uncovered.

Rolling Stone: Inside the web of conspiracy theorists and operatives behind the fake ‘Pizzagate’ scandal.

Newsweek: Alt-right women asked to ‘choose submission’ in order to grow their political movement.

Raw Story: Twitter staffers accuse company of being too slow to act on white supremacists.

Crooks and Liars: Alt-righters and Nazis are throwing a tantrum over losing Twitter verification, and it’s glorious.

Washington Post: What happens when neo-Nazis hijack your brand.

The Root: ‘Anonymous’ disables more than a dozen white-supremacist sites in coordinated hacking attack.

Right Wing Watch: Alabama’s Roy Moore has a history of bigotry, extremism, and contempt for the rule of law.

Media Matters: Anti-LGBT hate group leader Mat Staver gives 13-minute defense of Roy Moore, attacks women.

Slate: Trump judicial nominee Brett Talley appears to have defended ‘the first KKK’ in message-board post.

Talking Points Memo: Lone Democrat on ‘Voter Fraud Commission’ escalates his legal battle with panel.

MLive (Ann Arbor, MI): Two minor girls charged in beating of gay teen as calls for hate-crime law grow.

Oregonian: Doc Martens boot billboard evokes classic white-supremacist symbol, activists say.

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