Hatewatch Headlines 11/9/2017

Economic official decries Trump’s defense of bigots; LGBT candidates win big nationwide; Fox hires Gorka as ‘analyst’ for network; and more.


Think Progress: Trump’s top economic official denounces his defense of white supremacists.

Windy City Times: LGBT candidates win 55 percent of races nationwide, including key wins in Virginia.

NJ.com: Racist election fliers that marred New Jersey races reflect rise in racially biased rhetoric nationwide.

Media Matters: Despite background of ties to far right, Fox News hires Sebastian Gorka as ‘analyst.’

Huffington Post: Richard Spencer bounced a $10,000 check to rent out the University of Florida’s stadium.

Right Wing Watch: After church shooting, Rhodes tells Oath Keepers to prepare for ‘full blown civil war.’

Review Journal (Las Vegas, NV): Roadway in Kingman, AZ, will be named for Oregon standoff martyr LaVoy Finicum.

New York Times: Was Iowa killing of young black man a hate crime?

The Guardian (UK): Reddit bans mysoginist ‘incel’ men’s group that blames women for their celibacy.

Newsweek: Twitter users want Nazis removed, but get 280 characters instead.

WSLS-TV (Roanoke, VA): Virginia Tech students call for firing of self-professed white supremacist teaching assistant.

The Tab: Alabama college frat president dressed up as Trump and chased ‘immigrant’ at party.

Gaston Gazette (NC): Racist graffiti scrawled beneath Cramerton man’s Confederate flag display.

Herald Review (Akron, OH): Feds charge man who was arrested with pipe bomb near anti-white supremacist vigil.


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