Hatewatch Headlines 9/7/2017

Right-wing orgs step up anti-SPLC campaign; Carlson promotes white nationalist social media site; Charlottesville to remove another monument; and more.


Right Wing Watch: Right-wing organizations, many of them hate groups, ramp up campaign against SPLC.

Media Matters: You don’t have to wear a hood to spread hate.

U.S. News and World Report: Senators push Trump to condemn white supremacists, KKK.

Think Progress: Tucker Carlson promotes white-nationalist social-media site on his Fox News show.

Huffington Post: A white woman from Utah asks white supremacists: ‘What is wrong with you?’

Washington Post: Charlottesville council votes unanimously to remove another Confederate monument.

Kansas City Star: Iowa school punishes football players pictured in KKK robes with a burning cross.

Columbia Spectator: White nationalists to speak on Columbia campus at invitation of Republican students’ group.

Think Progress: Stained-glass windows honoring Confederates to be removed from D.C.’s National Cathedral.

Raw Story: Arab-owned business hit with arson attacks, defaced with swastikas in Arizona.

Salon: How Muslim-Americans are fighting Islamophobia and securing their civil rights.

Oregonian: Black man claims he was harassed, fired from company after complaining about Obama doll in a noose.

Seattle Times: Seahawks star lineman Michael Bennett claims he was racially profiled, threatened with gun by Las Vegas police.

Patch (Pittsburgh, PA): Neo-Nazi, white-supremacist literature surfaces in Pittsburgh Jewish neighborhood.

New America Media: Can hate be healed? A new project hopes to try.

Snopes: No, Nazis were not ‘socialists’ in any meaningful sense.

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