Hatewatch Headlines 8/18/2017

Charlottesville signals alt-right’s imminent demise; Republicans still support Trump; Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy; and more.


Baffler: Why Charlottesville signals the oncoming demise of the alt-right.

Think Progress: Most Republicans continue to support Trump as he attacks GOP senators who criticized his defense of bigotry.

Washington Post: Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy despite free-speech concerns.

The Guardian (UK): Apple denounces neo-Nazis as Spotify bans ‘white power’ tracks.

Bloomberg News: Facebook, AirBnB go on offense against neo-Nazis after violence.

Los Angeles Times: Squeezed out by Silicon Valley, the far right is creating its own corporate world.

New York Times: A comedian sues the Daily Stormer as site resurfaces from the Dark Web.

Salon: A former skinhead reflects on Charlottesville: ‘We have a massive and dangerous domestic terrorist threat.’

Right Wing Watch: Far-right media think that isolating Richard Spencer will erase their alt-right pasts.

Media Matters: Sean Hannity has been dumpster diving for conspiracy theories again.

AlterNet: CNN ‘analyst’ Michael Weiss hosted anti-Muslim rally with hate-group leader Pamela Geller.

Raw Story: Trump campaign chair Carl Paladino finally ousted from school board after racist anti-Michelle Obama tirade.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Teens plead guilty to twisting a holiday menorah into a swastika in Chandler.

CityPages (Minneapolis, MN): One Minneapolis lawyer’s neo-Nazi record label, and the fight to shut it down.

Stat: White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry test, but many are not liking what they reveal.

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