The kumbayah feel good approach that so many bring to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by throwing his “I Have A Dream” speech out as if they know so much about him (and anytime they mention the dream speech, their profound ignorance is glaring like bright headlights of a vehicle about to run one over), only shows how morally defunct people are in their knowledge of Dr. King.

Years later, Dr. King regretted seeking inclusion with racist white supremacist Whore of Babylon United States of America. He even stated that he feared that he had integrated Black people into a burning house, and in all reality, unfortunately he did.

Dr. King wanted justice for Black people, but as the years went by, he saw that this society will remain racist and terrorist, forever.

Dr. King’s words still ring true today.

The United States of America——a nation that is descending into Hell in its brutish and perverted abominations it is still committing against its most defenseless citizens. 

Racist white supremacists were so full of venom they destroyed Dr. King to keep him from accomplishing so much more.

But, by murdering Dr. King, racist white supremacists and their allies, and all those who worship, uphold and maintain racist white supremacy, sealed their own doom and the rest of nation that worked and fought with Dr. King.

They walked away clasping their hands in glee thinking that they only brought down Black people, but, instead, those terrorist monsters slit their own throats and those of everyone who lives in this nation.

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