By Jove! Juno Images Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Sky & Telescope
NASA’s Juno spacecraft has delivered stunning closeup views of Jupiter’s famous swirling Great Red Spot. Read more…

Amateur Observers Discover an Asteroid’s Moon

Sky & Telescope
A team of amateurs observers, some armed with just 3-inch telescopes, have found that the main-belt asteroid 113 Amalthea probably has a small companion. Read more…

Top 10 Places to View the Total Solar Eclipse

Sky & Telescope
The celestial event of this young century — the great American total solar eclipse of 2017 — is now just weeks away. The biggest remaining question is, where will you be when the Moon’s shadow arrives? Read more…

Incredible Resolution: Reconstructed Galaxy Pushes Hubble’s Limits

Sky & Telescope
Thanks to the effects of gravitational lensing, a team of astronomers was able to reconstruct a distant galaxy and study its unexpectedly clumpy star forming regions. Read more…

Exploring the Minispiral at the Milky Way’s Center

Sky & Telescope
Our galaxy’s core is a complex and dynamic place. New ALMA observations of the Milky Way’s center now reveal more about this harsh, inhospitable environment. Read more…

Third Try at a National Space Council

Sky & Telescope
What is the National Space Council and what will it do? A look back through history provides some possible answers. Read more…

Supermassive Black Holes Observed in Close Dance

Sky & Telescope
Astronomers have measured the motions of a tight pair of supermassive black holes, separated by just 24 light-years in a nearby galaxy. Read more…


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, July 14 – 22

Sky & Telescope
One hour after sunset, as twilight is fading deeper and the stars are coming out, you’ll find the two brightest stars of summer, Vega and Arcturus, high overhead equally far from the zenith. Read more…

Let’s Find Pluto!

Sky & Telescope
At opposition this week and as bright as it will be for the next 190 years, it’s time to find your way to Pluto, a frigid enigma at the edge of night. Read more…

Tour July’s Sky: Find Jupiter, Saturn & MoreSky & Telescope

Jupiter and Saturn are easy to spot in the evening sky, as you’ll discover in July’s fun and informative astronomy podcast. Read more 


How to Build on the Solar Eclipse Experience

Sky & Telescope
Eclipse-related outreach activities will abound this August, but how do we best capitalize on this rare celestial event after it happens? Read more…

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