May 25, 2017

Trump seeks funds for immigration crackdown; Radical Christians attack LGBT presence in the military; DeVos apparently fine with LGBT discrimination in schools; and more.


Mother Jones: Trump asks for $4.6 billion to pay for his immigration crackdown, including $1.6 billion towards border wall.

AlterNet: The alt-right is furious with Trump for his shift on Syria that surfaced during his trip abroad.

Newsweek: The ‘Trump effect’ inspires radical Christian contingent in the military, eager to combat LGBT members.

Scientific American: Inside social media’s battle to contain viral hatred that feeds the growth of terrorism.

The Guardian (UK): How Facebook flouts Holocaust-denial laws except where it fears being sued.

Kansas City Star: ACLU seeks sanctions against Kris Kobach, along with disclosure of Trump documents.

Oregonian: Milo Yiannopoulos leads alt-right social-media attack on Ariana Grande as ‘pro-Islam’ in wake of Manchester bombing.

Huffington Post: Betsy DeVos says if states discriminate against LGBT students, it’s just fine with her.

Media Matters: Four facts reporters should include in stories about Texas’ pending attack on the transgender community.

Raw Story: Fearing ‘white genocide in space,’ racist fans seethe at all the diversity in the new ‘Star Trek’ series.

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