Meet Valkyrie, NASA’s Space Robot

Sky & Telescope
In just a month, teams will guide this 300-pound, 6-foot-tall humanoid robot in a series of simulated trials as part of NASA’s Space Robotics Challenge. Read more…

Road Tripping Space: Visiting Meteorites in Africa

Sky & Telescope
Did you know you can sleep in a 2-billion-year old crater? S&T Contributing Editor Govert Schilling recounts his meteorite adventures in Africa. Read more…

Astronomers Discover Magnetic Bridge Between Magellanic Clouds

Sky & Telescope
A magnetic field appears to span the space between the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, the two dwarf galaxies being consumed by our Milky Way Galaxy. Read more…


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, May 19 – 27

Sky & Telescope
Look east in early dawn Tuesday morning for Venus with the waning crescent Moon, as shown here. And can you make out Mercury yet? (In these scenes, the Moon is always shown three times its actual apparent size.) Read more…

Bright Supernova Discovered in “Fireworks Galaxy” NGC 6946

Sky & Telescope
A brand new supernova in NGC 6946 is bright enough to see in modest-sized telescopes. Here’s how to find it. Read more…

Gobs of Globs — Tour 16 Spring Globular Clusters

Sky & Telescope
Chandeliers of the galaxy, these distant stellar swarms fire our sense of wonder. Hop on and we’ll tour 16 of season’s finest globular clusters! Read more…

Tour May’s Sky: Big Dipper Leads the Way

Sky & Telescope
Listen to May’s astronomy podcast to learn why the Big Dipper is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the late-spring northern sky. Tune in…


S&T‘s Adventures in Chile

Sky & Telescope
Sky & Telescope‘s third tour to this astronomical paradise in South America wowed its participants day and night. Read more…

Fred Espenak Webinar: Advanced Eclipse Imaging

Sky & Telescope
Want to take your eclipse-photography experience to the next level? Get tips on advanced techniques from Fred Espenak, a.k.a. “Mr. Eclipse,” during S&T‘s live webinar on Tuesday, May 23rd. Read more…

Meet Steve, the Friendly Neighborhood Aurora

Sky & Telescope
The story of Steve, the mysterious pink-ribbon aurora, shows how citizen scientists are making important contributions to research and discovery. (Photo credit: Sherri Grant) Read more…


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