Hatewatch Headlines 5/18/2017

Clarke says he’s landed key DHS spot; Immigration arrests skyrocket by 40%; Kobach has a troubling history with racism; and more.


Right Wing Watch: Trump administration picks extremist Sheriff David Clarke for key DHS position.

Mother Jones: Trump’s immigration police have already arrested 40,000 undocumented immigrants – a 40% jump.

The Root: The troubling history of Kris Kobach, ‘the most racist politician in America.’

Reveal Radio: Despite its denials, GoDaddy continues to work with neo-Nazi site through a subsidiary.

Los Angeles Times: Alex Jones settles lawsuit with Chobani by apologizing, admitting anti-refugee stories were false.

CNN: Beauregard monument to the Confederacy comes down in New Orleans during early-morning operation.

Media Matters: NRATV falsely claims Nevada gun-safety bill will allow an ‘anti-gun zealot’ to have the neighbors’ guns confiscated.

Raw Story: Alabama high school handed out a racist ‘Hernandez’ award that included ‘a green card and a jar of salsa.’

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Prosecutors say they won’t retry two defendants in Bunkerville standoff case.

Associated Press: Sheriff says she found no violations in Ammon Bundy’s treatment at detention center.

The Intercept: The bizarre story behind the FBI’s fake documentary about the Bundy family.

Salon: The Onion debuts ‘Patriothole,’ your satirical new go-to for anti-Breitbart LOLs.


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