May 12, 2017

Muslims taking step to blunt increase in arsons; Trump names Kobach to voter-fraud panel; IRS gives white nationalists a tax break; and more.


Think Progress: As anti-Islam incidents rise, Muslims groups take steps to prevent arsons.

Wichita Eagle (KS): Trump names Kris Kobach to head up commission to examine voter fraud.

Right Wing Watch: Alex Jones and Roger Stone want Trump to prosecute his critics now that Comey is gone.

Media Matters: Meet Jack Posobiec, the alt-right smear-campaign specialist with a press pass in the White House.

Washington Post: Why the IRS gives white nationalists a tax break, and why it’s under closer scrutiny.

Mother Jones: Former Sessions staffer sends immigrant-bashing email to push Senate run by extremist Sheriff Clarke.

Huffington Post: Lawyer who went after the KKK for infamous bombing is running for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat.

Daily Kos: Shocking video shows ICE arresting immigrants, refusing to show warrant at Denver courthouse.

Autostraddle: Murder of black trans man in Manhattan marks 10th killing of trans people of color this year.

Saratogian News (NY): White-supremacist fliers show up on vehicles’ windshields in Spa City.

Salon: The Associated Press reveals it had a secret propaganda arrangement with the Nazis in the 1930s.


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