May 03, 2017

The alt-right is as misogynist as it is racist; Black Americans have a lot to worry about now; Stone says Trump talks with Alex Jones on occasion; and more.


The Guardian (UK): The alt-right hates women as much as it hates people of color.

Mother Jones: National Urban League releases report showing why black America has a lot to worry about under Trump.

Media Matters: Roger Stone says conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump ‘talk from time to time.’

Think Progress: Here’s the anti-LGBT record Trump appointee Charmaine Yoest is trying to scrub from the Internet.

KEYE-TV (Austin, TX): Sovereign citizen accused of planning mass shooting released on bond.

Salon: Are the alt-right hopes to organize a street-fighting goon squad just macho posturing, or something darker?

WWL-TV (New Orleans, LA): Protesters both for and against removal of Jefferson Davis monument chant, burn flags.

AlterNet: The Department of Justice is going after a 61-year-old woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions.

KSTP-TV (St. Paul, MN): Minnesota GOP chairwoman denounces ‘hate speech’ in slur-filled post about Keith Ellison.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-LGBT extremist Theodore Shoebat opines that killing ‘fags’ should not be a hate crime.

Forward: White nationalist Richard Spencer remarks that Sebastian Gorka’s White House departure is ‘not good news.’

Huffington Post: American University’s black students targeted with bananas hanging from nooses.

Bleacher Report: Orioles’ Adam Jones subjected to racist insults, tossed peanuts at Fenway Park.


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