Coulter and alt-right using the lefty playbook; VOICE office encourages crime victims to blame immigrants; Moore announces for Sessions’ seat; and more.


Mother Jones: How Ann Coulter and the alt-right are using the lefty playbook to troll Berkeley.

Think Progress: Trump creates new VOICE office that allows victims of crimes to blame immigrants.

Recode: Google is expanding its AdSense policies directed at reducing hate speech.

AL.com: Roy Moore announces bid for Sessions’ Senate seat, resigns from Alabama Supreme Court.

Right Wing Watch: Pat Buchanan warns, ‘The West is being colonized and invaded by folks from its former colonies.’

Review Journal (Las Vegas, NV): Ryan Bundy sues federal government, claiming his rights were violated by prison rules.

Register-Guard (Eugene, OR): Neo-Nazis, ‘antifa’ protesters exchange shouts in Springfield, but no arrests.

Daily Kos: Anti-immigration hate group leader boasts that ‘our allies are now well placed in the Trump administration.’

KXLY-TV (Spokane, WA): Post Falls company with racist stereotype painted on its trucks comes under fire.

Go MN (Minneapolis): As white-supremacist fliers appear in Fargo, concerns begin to rise.

Salon: Texas anti-LGBT ‘bathroom’ bill would also target veterans, women, and the elderly.

OC Weekly: Suddenly famous alt-right figure has a lot of different stories about who he really is.

Media Matters: Right Side Broadcasting has to apologize after contributor urges audience to ‘kill the globalists’ at CNN.

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