Less Dark Matter in Young Galaxies?

Sky & Telescope

A new study of six young, star-forming galaxies suggests they’re less influenced by dark matter than expected. But the results may say more about galaxy evolution than about the nature of dark matter.

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The Kavli Foundation Q&A: How Did the First Quasars Form?

Sky & Telescope

Thanks to a record haul of new, ultra-distant quasars-powerhouses of light from the farthest reaches of the universe-astrophysicists can now piece together the rise of mighty objects in the early cosmos.

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Swift Black Hole Winds May Shape Galaxy

Sky & Telescope

Winds that charge away from supermassive black holes at a fraction of the speed of light have long been mysterious and even contentious. Now, new evidence sheds light on their origins.

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Welcome to Pan: Saturn’s Ravioli-Shaped Moon


Cassini gave us a good look a Saturn’s moon Pan last week . . . and what a strange world it is.

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Bright Mound on Ceres Due to Briny Eruptions?

Sky & Telescope

The strange bright deposits inside Occator crater on Ceres are probably from cryovolcanic eruptions that are much younger than the crater itself.

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This Week’s Sky at a Glance, March 17 – 25

Sky & Telescope

The nearly last-quarter Moon is only a few degrees from Saturn. Look for them together in the south early in the dawn of Monday the 20th.

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Comet 41P/T-G-K Greens Up For St. Paddy’s Day

Sky & Telescope

Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak begins its best showing of the year this week as it slingshots across the Big Dipper into circumpolar skies. Meanwhile, comet ace Terry Lovejoy has just discovered a new morning comet.

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Tour March’s Sky: Venus Sinks, Mercury Rises

Sky & Telescope

In this month’s easy-to-download podcast, find out how you can glimpse Venus in both the evening and predawn skies.

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Orbital Path Podcast: Space Robots to Europa!

Sky & Telescope

Dr. Michelle Thaller talks to two NASA astrobiologists on when and how we’ll explore Europa’s subsurface ocean, and what we might find there.

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