Hatewatch Headlines 3/10/2017

Trump’s agenda worries experts in authoritarianism; DHS to finally join probe into attacks; Phoenix rally-goers call for a ‘liberal genocide’; and more.


Think Progress: Experts in authoritarianism say Donald Trump is trying to create a new reality that only he can define.

Talking Points Memo: Trump adviser Gorka says he doesn’t see ‘systemic persecution based on skin color’ in U.S.

Huffington Post: Department of Homeland Security finally vows to fully join investigation into ‘hate-inspired attacks.’

Reuters: Investigators say threats to Jewish groups in the U.S. and in the U.K. are linked.

AlterNet: At Phoenix rally, Trump supporters call for ‘liberal genocide’ and the deportation of Jews.

Right Wing Watch: Far-right WND columnist urged Trump to prosecute former President Obama for treason.

Raw Story: Trump adviser Roger Stone suspended from Twitter after misogynistic meltdown, and he’s still whining about it.

Salon: Fears about ‘deep state’ and Trump originate with conspiracist-in-chief Alex Jones.

Media Matters: Jones is still casting doubt on whether the Sandy Hook massacre actually happened.

Sioux City Journal (IA): Rep. Steve King removed the Confederate flag from his Capitol Hill desk after Roof’s rampage.

Spokesman-Review: Special Idaho council votes unanimously to cough up $151,210 to Planned Parenthood for legal fees.

MyNBC5.com (Colchester, VT): Vermont Supreme Court listens to case of man who delivered KKK flier to two minority women.

Jewish Week: Could white-supremacist activity on campuses actually benefit Jews through community reaction?

Political Research Associates: Trump’s rhetoric mobilized a secular misogynist right in America, and they are on the march.

Washington Post: Researchers have found strong evidence that historically embedded racism helps the GOP win.


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