March 03, 2017

Trump’s denunciation of threats, hate crimes falls short; CNP pushes hard for ‘religious liberty’ order; New York hate crimes skyrocketing; and more.


CNN: Donald Trump’s condemnation of hate crimes don’t go nearly far enough.

Media Matters: Vice President Pence says Trump ‘appreciates and respects and admires’ extremist radio host Michael Savage.

Right Wing Watch: Secretive Council for National Policy pushes Trump to sign ‘religious liberty’ order.

Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY): Sen. Schumer says Jewish centers should be able to trace bomb threats.

BuzzFeed: Investigators believe bomb threats were perpetrated with use of ‘spoofing’ and voice-masking technology.

Raw Story: Homeland Security report likens anti-Trump protests to ‘domestic terrorist violence.’

Think Progress: Hate crimes have skyrocketed in New York City during the past year, and Jews are increasingly targeted.

New York Daily News: Man punched in face, told to ‘go back’ to Mexico in Brooklyn hate attack.

KTVK-TV (Phoenix, AZ): Owner of well-known Phoenix café bombarded with threats after shutting down on day of immigrant protest.

The Advocate: Ignorance about LGBT lives was on full display in Colorado capitol debate over reparative therapy.

Miami Herald: Police arrest North Carolina man for ‘Trump country’ attack on Key West gay couple.

Expo Idag (Stockholm): Fox Business News touts notorious Swedish right-wing extremist as ‘expert’ on Muslim terrorism.

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI): Gov. Scott Walker backs his aide in growing feud with Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke.

March 02, 2017

Almost a month after Dylann Roof murdered nine parishioners at Charleston’s Mother Emmanuel AME church, a convoy of pickup trucks drove by a young African American child’s birthday party hurling racial epithets and pointing firearms. On February 27, 2017, several among the group of “flaggers” were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for aggravated assault, making terroristic threats and violating a state gang act.


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