February 23, 2017

Trump turns federal government’s back on transgender citizens as the community faces attacks; threats alarm both Jewish and Muslim communities; a tattoo artist doing his part to fight hate; and more.


Mic: 24-year-old transgender woman Keke Collier shot and killed in Chicago.

The Huffington Post: Anti-Defamation League’s New York headquarters receives bomb threat, after months of similar attacks at Jewish Community Centers.

The Huffington Post: Sean Spicer dodges question about anti-Muslim hate groups as their numbers triple.

The Guardian: Kansas town reels months after militia’s foiled mosque bombing: ‘I’m still scared’

The New York Times: At Jewish Cemetery, seeking answers on the State of anti-Semitism amid massive headstone vandalism.

Daily Kos: Alliance Defending Freedom — source of many anti-LGBTQ lawsuits and bills — officially labeled a hate group.

Right Wing Watch: It’s not just Milo: Five of the most problematic, bigoted CPAC speakers.

LGBTQ Nation: White House: Transgender students’ civil rights won’t be protected at federal level, should be left up to the states.

The Root: Interracial couple in Connecticut refuses to remove racial slur on door until cops investigate.

The Washington Post: ‘Sometimes people change’: Maryland shop covers up racist tattoos for free.

SafeHome.org: Hate on social media: A look at hate groups and their Twitter presence.

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