Best Evidence Yet for an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole

Sky & Telescope

An intermediate-mass black hole might be lurking within a dense stellar cluster – a discovery that could point toward how these oddities form.

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Two Pulsars Blowing in the Wind

Sky & Telescope

New images of two pulsars show beautiful, complex clouds of charged particles that illustrate the power dynamics in and around these spinning neutron stars.

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Juno Swoops Past Jupiter’s South Pole

Sky & Telescope

NASA’s Juno spacecraft continues to give us amazing views of Jupiter, now from its fourth perijove pass.

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Black Hole Feeds on Star for a Decade
Sky & Telescope
Unlucky stars serve as brilliant but short-lived snacks when they wander too close to supermassive black holes. But one such black hole is still gnawing on its stellar meal after a decade.

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This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 10 – 18
Sky & Telescope
The Moon wanes away from full this week, opening a window of dark-sky observing in the evening.

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Green Comet Makes Close Earth Flyby

Sky & Telescope

Green-glowing 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will make an unusually close pass by Earth on Saturday. Watch it boogie across the morning sky this week!

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February’s Deep Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Sky & Telescope

North American observers can watch the Moon flirt with Earth’s shadow on the evening of February 10th.

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Tour February’s Sky: How To Find Monoceros
Sky & Telescope
Download our monthly astronomy podcast to spot Venus and Mars in the west – and a celestial unicorn hiding in plain sight among the stars.

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Last Call for S&T’s 2017 Astronomy Tour in Chile

Sky & Telescope

Don’t miss the chance to see world-class observatories by day and the amazing southern sky by night during next month’s stargazing and astronomy tour in Chile.

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