February 09, 2017

There’s a kind of underreported terrorism; ‘Bowling Green’ nearly was a real massacre; 39 white terrorists for Duffy; and more.


Media Matters: One type of terrorism really is underreported – from the radical right.

Raw Story: Georgia white supremacist under FBI investigation after police find evidence of ricin in his car.

ProPublica: When the government really did fear a Bowling Green massacre – by a white supremacist.

Slate: Here’s a list of 39 white terrorists for the Wisconsin congressman who challenged CNN to name more than two.

Right Wing Watch: Donald Trump keeps promoting Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories.

Associated Press: Twitter broadens its campaign against hate and abuse by identifying key offenders.

Think Progress: Congress moves to restrict public input on planning for land use in the West.

KEYE-TV (Austin, TX): More and more Texans are digging their bomb shelters deep as they prepare for doomsday.

Courier-Journal (Louisville, TN): Heimbach’s plans for Traditionalist Worker Party gathering at state park create a stir.

CBS New York: Connecticut residents find ‘Make America White Again’ supremacist fliers in their neighborhoods.

Reuters: Idaho man pleads guilty in brutal beating death of gay man lured to remote location.


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