February 01, 2017

KKK elated with Trump’s first 10 days; White nationalist harasses journalist; FBI probes supremacists in law enforcement; and more.


Huffington Post: The KKK and their friends are overjoyed with Trump’s first 10 days.

Crooks and Liars: Holocaust denial and religious persecution, courtesy of the new White House.

The Guardian: Historian Deborah Lipstadt accuses Trump advisers of ‘soft Holocaust denial.’

Mother Jones: Who’s the favorite senator of followers of white nationalists on Twitter? It’s Jeff Sessions.

Salon: Alex Jones’ Infowars reportedly has a White House correspondent for its new Washington, D.C., bureau.

Media Matters: White supremacist launches harassment campaign against journalist for tying him to white supremacy.

The Intercept: The FBI has quietly investigated white supremacist infiltration of America’s law enforcement.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Can France’s intervention save a Phoenix neo-Nazi and accused murderer from the death penalty?

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Tony Perkins claims our culture has been ‘emasculated by the left,’ endangering civilization.

The New Yorker: The hard-line nativist extremists standing eagerly behind Trump against sanctuary cities.

Washington Post: Where did the American radical right come from? Television tries to make sense of it.


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