Racism is Satan’s form of vanity taken to its negative extreme. The narcissistic element in racism places Whites on a pedestal that serves as a point of comparison for so-called Other races to work toward imitating. This translates into the use of Black images as an antithesis to Whiteness. Black people routinely get used and discarded when they are signaled out as validation of whose racial image is superior. Our sense of racial love is reminiscent of the mythical Greek figure of Narcissus, a man too involved in his own reflection to even notice that his disturbing image of self-love is based on an image that he captured of himself in a pool of water. Since the water’s surface was incapable of letting him caress and embrace his own image, Narcissus died a broken and pitiful man.

If White women are the pinnacles of beauty, then Black women are the alter-ego. In a world where women are unfairly divided as whores and saints, Black women become the Mary Magdalenes of female desirability. Like Mary Magdalene, they are the outsiders who are misunderstood by the mainstream. While White women are comparatively sheltered, Black women see first hand the ugly and vile fantasies and realities that only reveal themselves on a race that Whites believe are most expendable. The race of Mary Magdalene may see and receive mankind’s ugliest requests, but they also see and receive the beauty that the Son of God showed specifically to Mary Magdalene due to the fact that her race was the first to see the depths of sin and redemption.

Big Little White Lies: Our Attempt to White-Out America, by Carol Chehade, Nehmarche Publishing, Inc. 2001, pg. 120, pg. 142.

The White man this. The White man that.

Yeah, the whole White man is the only white person who has brutalized Black people that has been run into the ground ad nauseam.


White men do not hold a monopoly on racist white supremacy hatred. They have had help from White women plenty of times.

Who else was the teacher of White children in the white home?

Who else spends the most time with the White child in the gated-, segregated-, gentrified white communities?

Who has been the incubator of the Black community’s arch enemy?

Yeah, you guessed it right.

The oft-told lie that White women are less racist than White men is the sadistic trope that has allowed White women to get away with murder, time and time again.

Image result for photos of white women girls in lynch mobs

Related image


As for so-called White women sisterhood with Black women—-such a false myth has never existed. The many times they disregarded Black women’s pleas for their help in bringing an end to their men castrating and burning alive defenseless Black men.

Related image


Related image

The begging and pleading from millions of Black women to have White women step up and demand that White men stop the lynching of Black men and boys on the trumped up charges of rape. Only when Ida Wells-Barnett, Mary Church Terrell and so many Black women implored and asked for this brutality to cease did Jessie Daniel Ames and a few White women finally open their mouths after so many decades and silence in the face of the deaths of so many, many Black men.

The numerous times when they looked the other way and covered their ears to drown out the screams of pain and terror when their men raped, and tore to pieces the bodies of defenseless Black women and girls. The times they walked past enslaved Black women who were striped bare naked and put on the slave auction block. The times they took the lash into their own hands and whipped so many Black women and men, till the blood ran.

Civil War photo of Gordon (runaway slave and Union soldier) at the Baton Rouge Union camp during his medical examination. McPherson and Oliver’s photograph of Gordon’s scarred back

Oh yes, and the times when they beat to death and broke the bodies of little innocent children because they did not move fast enough, did not clean the silverware spotless enough, did not say “Yes, ma’am” deferentially enough.

Especially f they were the White slave master’s children. Little innocent children beaten, flayed and tormented savagely because through no fault of their own they were the progeny of her rapist, brutish White husband.

Especially if they were the children of racist White men during Jane Crow segregation. Little children abandoned and left to starve and be mistreated under a regime of terrorism that crushed the rights and humanity of children whose White fathers considered them nigger bastards before the world.

So-called solidarity between Black women and White women?

Where were you?

Never, ever did White women open up their mouths and demand that White men cease their sadistic and perverted rapes and filthy atrocities against millions of innocent and defenseless Black women and little Black girls.

Where were you?

Never did White women stand up for and in defense of Black women and girls during Reconstruction and during Jane Crow segregation. The message sent loud and clear was that the bodies and minds of Black women were so much fodder for the destruction of their bodies and the preservation of White women’s bodies. The message sent to Black women from White women was succinct and clear: “Better you than me. Better that you be broken and torn apart in the hands of vicious White men, so as to save us White women from the bestiality that would befall us white women were it not for cruelties done to so many Black women and little Black girl children.”




Where were you, White women?

Where were you, White women, when Sandra Bland died?

Where were you, White women, when Rekia Boyd died?

Where you White women, when Eleanor Bumpers, Korryn Gaines, Tanisha Anderson, Yvette Smith, Miriam Carey, and Aiyana Stanley-Jones were all slaughtered by racist gun-toting-badge-wearing race soldiers?

But, you couldn’t wait to grab Black women (those of them who meekly succumbed to your demands) to join you in your imitation-of-the March-on-Washington “Women’s March”?

Just a week after 53% of you voted for Donald Trump after his pussy-grabbing-misogynoir bleats.

In 2017, White women can still pull a Bethany Storro on Black women. In 2017, White women can still pull a Susan Smith on Black men. In 2017, White women can still lie down and cry rape. In 2017, White women can slum around in the gutter and still be exalted above every decent Black woman in the world. In 2017, White women, no matter whether she be a prostitute, a drunk driver hit-and-run murderer, a PTA mom, a SAHM, a Secretary of State, or married to the President of the United States, they will always have more value than a Black woman or girl, in the eyes of millions of racist white supremacy men who have bought into the lie that White women are better than Black women.

White women are less racist than White men?

Tell that to the fools who refuse to learn and know their history.

White women who have lived in the den of racist white supremacy and managed to come out not exposed to the power and brutality of racist white supremacy?

No such creature exists.



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