January 19, 2017

Trump praises bikers attending inauguration; More bomb threats hit Jewish centers; Whitefish is giving the green light to Nazi march; and more.


Right Wing Watch: Donald Trump praises far-right biker group planning vigilante ‘wall of meat’ against inauguration protests.

Talking Points Memo: Another wave of bomb threats hits Jewish community centers in 17 states around the country.

Reuters: Head of Austrian far-right Freedom Party to visit Washington at time of inauguration.

ABC/Fox Montana (Missoula): City of Whitefish says it will approve future neo-Nazi march.

Media Matters: Meet the mysterious, Facebook-verified page pushing fake ‘Patriot’ news to nearly 5 million followers.

Slog (Seattle, WA): Are these stickers that promote white supremacy showing up in your neighborhood?

Think Progress: Oklahoma considers an extreme pro-discrimination anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill.

The Advocate: American anti-LGBT activists are trying to poison Romania with homophobia.

Raw Story: CNN commentator Michael Eric Dyson draws a direct line between anti-Obama racism and Trump’s election.

Press Connects (Binghamton, NY): White supremacist couple murdered black man over phony rape claim, police say.

Vox: White America is quietly self-segregating, demographic trends show.


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