“What lies at the root of race hatred? After spending several years with the subject, I hold with psychologists that it is unconscious guilt feelings on the part of the race-hater. The person who hates Negroes usually hates other people besides Negroes. He’s almost a professional hater. If he’s poor, he hates the rich. If he’s rich, he hates the poor. If he’s a Democrat, he hates the Republicans. If he’s a Protestant or a Jew, he hates the Catholics. The reason is that the race-hater is inwardly a man who hates himself. He finds it necessary to shift to others his own unconscious feelings of guilt. Hence, he chooses as his victim a member of a minority group who is less able to defend himself than the average person.

I shall not discourse upon the horror of the white man’s treatment of the black man in American history. The facts in this book speak too eloquently for themselves. I shall only say that I hope the publication of this book, in this Centennial of the Civil War, will give pause to segregationists everywhere to reflect upon their continued persecution of the black man.”

Foreword, pg. 5, 100 Years Of Lynchings, by Ralph Ginzburg, Black Classic Press, Baltimore, MD, 1962, 1988.

The sick, twisted, perverted and sordid history that racist White men have had against the bodies of Black men has a long history.

From the early days during the time of indentured servitude, throughout  the era of race-based slavery, during Reconstruction, through Jane Crow segregation, all the way into the 21ST Century.

The debasement. The destruction. The burning slowly to death. The cutting off of body parts to be taken home as souvenirs.


SOURCE: Without Sanctuary

These very acts point to more  than just a visible act of racist white supremacy.

These acts point to a subconscious desire and lust of closet latent-homosexual mindset of the heterosexual White males to obtain through brutality the bodies of black men.

For what else can this be, if not latent homosexual desire?

Before the torch was applied to the pyre, the negro was deprived of his ears, fingers and genital parts of his body. He pleaded pitifully for his life while the mutilation was going on, but stood the ordeal of fire with surprising fortitude. Before the body was cool, it was cut to pieces, the bones were crushed into small bits, and even the tree upon which the wretch met his fate was torn up and disposed of as “souvenirs.” Those unable to obtain the ghastly relics direct paid their more fortunate possessors extravagant sums for them. Small pieces of bones went for 25 cents, and a bit of the liver crisply cooked sold for 10 cents. As soon as the negro was seen to be dead there was a tremendous struggle among the crowd, which had witnessed his tragic end, to secure the souvenirs. A rush was made for the stake, and those near the body were forced against it and had to fight for their freedom. Knives were quickly produced and soon the body was dismembered.

100 Years Of Lynchings, the lynching of Sam Holt, pg.12

Souvenirs of a tortured, slowly burned to death man.

A Black man who was nothing but a thing to be rendered into bits and pieces for a sadistic monstrous mob.

SOURCE:  Without Sanctuary

The insane, lunatic, mentally unbalanced frenzy shown by the mob speaks volumes in their soulless actions.

But, why grab and greedily snatch up this savagely murdered man’s body parts?

What were they to do with these burned and charred body parts?

What would the White men do with a dead Black man’s penis?

Was he going to use the burned penis as some sort of human dildo to insert into his rectum?

Was he going to use it for insertion into his White wife’s vagina?

Why on Earth keep this body part of a Black man? To what purpose? What depths of depravity must exist in the mind of a so-called human being to commit such atrocities?

This desire/hatred of Black men by White men cannot help but point towards latent homosexuality.

What else can it be?

The mask of the respectable heterosexual White male came off numerous times during segregation when lynching spectacles occurred, and in these barbeques and picnics, the racist White man showed his unbridled depravity.

The purpose seemed to be to give the greatest possible amount of duration of torture. The lower part of his clothing was torn away leaving him bare. The shrieks of the burning negro nerved the crowd to greater deeds of horror…..This man had filled a box with cayenne pepper. He stepped close to the shrieking wretch, whose eyes were almost bursting from his head with pain and calmly threw the pepper into the eyes of the negro, again and again. At least twice, he stopped to press down the eyelids of the negro to make sure that the pepper did its work of agony.

….Relic hunters visited the scene and carried away pieces of flesh and the negro’s teeth. Others got pieces of fingers and toes and proudly exhibit the ghastly souvenirs to-night.

100 Years Of Lynchings, the lynching of Richard Coleman, pgs. 27-28.

What psychiatric explanation can be given for such psychotic, psychopathic behavior?

The negro’s head finally dropped, and in thirty minutes only the trunk of the body remained. As the fire died down, relic hunters started their search for souvenirs. Parts of the skull and body were carried away.

100 Years Of Lynchings, the lynching of Dudley Morgan, pg. 46.

These forms of cruelty did not stop a mere 50 years ago. They persist well into the 20TH and 21ST Century.

The broomstick handle forced into the rectum of Abner Louima by rogue White cop Justin Volpe — and then he shoved the bloody piece of wood into the injured and brutalized man’s face.


New York Daily News

Then there is the case of Coprez Coffie.

He was raped and brutally sodomized by two racist White Chicago cops. He sued them and the city of Chicago.

On Aug. 28, 2004, Chicago Police Officers Scott Korhonen and Gerald Lodwich kidnapped Mr. Coffie. Korhonen stabbed a screwdriver into the rectum of Mr. Coffie, tearing him up inside.



Even after they were brought to trial and it was proven that they raped Mr. Coffie with the screwdriver, to this day, both of these brutes are still on the Chicago Police department’s force with Lodwich making $90,618 last year as an officer and the rapist Scott Korhonen making $87,384.

Today, in 21ST Century United States of America, there also exists a phenomenon of White men paying Black men to have sex with the White man’s White wife. Cuckold fetish that is sadist as well as masochistic?

This obsession and aversion to supposed Black male virility and sexuality in that arena boggles the mind. Is it that some White men want  men to have sex with their wives or is it that some White  men get off on having a Black man fuck his wife while he watches?

Or, is it that the White man desires sex with the Black man but cannot bring himself to speak it out loud?

The sickness of toxic White male masculinity in its psychosexual fixation is abominable in its fearful terror of Black men and women ever acquiring true human rights in this so-called nation-this terrified anxiety about the disappearance of white male hegemony and control over Black people.

The mentality of castration and ripping to pieces the bodies of Black men as stated has a long history in the United States, and not just in the American South, of White male projection.

The strange fruit of the United States lynching tree still walks among us just as vicious and terrifying as it has for over four hundred years.

Black bodies and lives still remain a threat to many White males.

The burning, torturing, dismembering, phallocentric, racist obsession with Black men’s bodies still is at the heart of many heterosexual White men’s latent homosexual lust for the Black male body.

Postcard of lynching of Virgil Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Jones, and JosephRiley, Russelville, Kentucky, 1908 SOURCE: Without Sanctuary

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  1. Desi

    Interesting article. First article anywhere on the internet that addresses the homosexual gaze of white males toward black men’s genitals on this taboo subject of castrated black men’s penises. I wonder how many to this day of the white racists families that still have the remains of black men’s penises still pickling in a jar in some attic in their homes? Just wondering.

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