December 20, 2016

‘Alt-Right’ targets comedian; Tech giants refuse to aid Muslim registry; Farrakhan sees opening for black nationalism; and more.


The Daily Beast: A comedian’s fans insulted the ‘Alt-Right, and he was then declared a pedophile ringleader.

The Guardian (UK): Inside the hate-filled echo chamber of the ‘Alt-Right’s’ favorite new social-media platform, Gab.

Big News Network: U.S. tech giants refuse to help Trump build his proposed Muslim registry.

Washington Post: Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan sees an opening for a black separatist message.

Mother Jones: Trump’s budget director spoke at John Birch Society event.

Christian Science Monitor: Judge spares man life term in plot to kill Muslims with ‘death ray’ gun, hands him 30 years.

Think Progress: Meet the white nationalist movement’s favorite Russian philosopher, Aleksandr Dugin.

USA Today: New TV documentary series on Ku Klux Klan to start on A&E Network in January.

Salon: How Milo Yiannopoulos, trolling in the name of free speech, built a media empire off violent harassment.

San Francisco Chronicle: Third suspect arrested in East Bay hate crime slaying of black musician.

Hyperallergic: LGBT activists attacked by Trump supporters while leaving NYC art space.

New York Daily News: Spray-painted swastikas, ‘Make America White Again’ graffiti investigated as hate crime.

CT News Junkie: Anti-LGBT group American Family Association may be removed from list of state payroll-deduction groups.

Raw Story: Florida woman screaming racial slurs aims gun’s laser pointer at black McDonald’s customer.

Inside Higher Ed: Stony Brook may review background of Ph.D. by white-nationalist activist Jason Reza Jorjani.

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