December 16, 2016

Trump and Roof are brothers in resentment; Google fails on fake news ad front; Arpaio claims probe proves ‘Birther’ theory; and more.


Slate: Brothers in resentment: What gave us Donald Trump is what gave us Dylann Roof.

Forward: Does Google want us to think Nazis are cool?

Media Matters: Google promised to stop making fake news profitable, but one month later, they’ve failed.

Guardian (UK): How Breitbart opened up a new front in the war over fake news – by labeling legitimate pieces ‘fake’.

Talking Point Memo: After hoax exposed, experts warn that one incident doesn’t discredit wave of post-election hate crimes.

New York Magazine: Alt-Right troll Milo Yiannopoulos uses campus visit to openly mock transgender student.

USA Today: On his way out, Sheriff Joe Arpaio claims his probe proves Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.

New York Times: New York man convicted of hate crime attacks on worshippers at Queen mosque.

Washington Post: White supremacist fliers from American Vanguard show up on University of Maryland campus.

Raw Story: Swastika, racial epithet and ‘Trump 2016’ written on car in second incident at Temple University.

CNN: Why reporting hate crimes should be mandatory, not voluntary, for law enforcement.

NBC4 Washington (DC): Virginia nightclub threatened after refusing to host pro-Trump Alt-Right ‘DeploraBall’.

KETV-TV (Omaha, NE): Photo of white supremacist group’s gathering in Omaha bar creates a social media stir.

Associated Press: Pittsburgh mayor to sign controversial bill banning gay conversion therapy for minors.

New Jersey Jewish News: Holocaust denial is no longer a thing of the past, thanks to the Alt-Right, lecturer warns.

OC Weekly (Anaheim, CA): Police reports on Ku Klux Klan brawl in Anaheim prove that police chief lied about response.



December 16, 2016

This is the fourth update in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s effort to collect reports of bias-related harassment and intimidation around the country following the election. This update spans the period from November 9 to December 12.

December 15, 2016

Dylann Storm Roof, indoctrinated in online hate and racism, was convicted today in Charleston, S.C., of a murderous gun rampage in 2015 that left nine people dead at a historic African-American church. The racially motivated killing spree jarred the nation.



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