Hatewatch Staff

What you need to know about white nationalism; Dylann Roof’s trial opens; Jones keeps pushing ‘Pizzagate’ theories; and more.


Vox: Everything you were afraid to ask about white nationalism’s new place in American politics.

Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN): Breaking down white nationalists’ rhetoric reveals their deeply supremacist ideas.

The New York Times: Heart-rending testimony from eyewitness to slaughter open Dylann Roof’s trial in Charleston.

Slate: Trump campaign admits pizza-sex-conspiracy weirdo was involved in transition.

NPR: Radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims the ear of Trump, and pushes ‘Pizzagate’ fictions.

Washington Post: ‘Pizzagate’: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire in D.C.

The New York Times: Comet Ping Pong gunman answers our reporter’s questions.

The Atlantic: Did Jeff Sessions really champion desegregation? His real-life record is remarkably thin in that regard.

Talking Points Memo: How an Islamophobic smear trickled down from Fox Business News to hit one family in Alaska.

Oregonian: Three Malheur refuge occupiers claim to be on terrorism watch list, and evidence suggests it’s true.

OC Weekly (Orange County, CA): OC Klan Grand Dragon William Ernest Hagen held in North Carolina stabbing of fellow Klansman.

USA Today: Hundreds of students protest appearance at Texas A&M by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

Raw Story: Sandy Hook ‘truther’ arrested in Florida for making threats against the father of slain boy.

San Diego Union-Tribune (CA): In diverse California, young white supremacist Nathan Damigo seeks college-age recruits.

Right Wing Watch: Iowa radio host Steve Deace calls for ‘D-Day-like’ ‘cleansing’ to stop the ‘Rainbow Jihad’ that wants ‘to kill us.’


December 07, 2016

Hours before members of the Loyal White Knights (LWK) were set to parade through the streets of Pelham, N.C., to celebrate president-elect Donald Trump’s victory last Saturday, the leaders who helped organize the parade turned on one another.

December 07, 2016

Riding the wave of attention following the annual conference of the white nationalist National Policy Institute (NPI), and the spike of media attention towards the white supremacist subculture termed the ‘alt-right’, its founder, Richard Spencer, appeared last night at Texas A&M to further spread his racist ideology.


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