December 02, 2016

Trump and the tide of school bullying; Kobach backs voter-fraud claims; Spencer’s finances are shrouded in secrecy; and more.


Mother Jones: Donald Trump inspired a sickening tide of bullying in America’s schools.

Right Wing Watch: Kris Kobach, king of voter suppression, gets behind Trump’s bogus voter-fraud claim.

Media Matters: An anti-LGBT hate group is wielding growing power on Trump’s transition team.

Washington Post: The financial secrecy behind Richard Spencer’s alt-right white-nationalist organization.

Access ADL: The term ‘alt-right’ is here to stay.

Think Progress: Reddit cofounder finally understands online abuse after being targeted for harassment.

Raw Story: ‘I will hide you in my basement’: Missouri neighborhood vows to protest Muslim family from Trump.

Salon: Texas will now require funeral services whenever a woman has an abortion or a miscarriage.

Tulsa World (OK): Sand Springs man sentenced for supplying knife for forced tattoo removal in Aryan Brotherhood case.

The Journal News (Westchester, NY): Putnam man arrested after threatening men in store, saying he wanted to shoot all Spanish-speaking people.

Holland Sentinel (MI): Man uses his business’ Facebook account to launch racist tirade, threats against black man.

WRIC-TV (Richmond, VA): ‘White Lives Matter’ fliers turning up in Virginia neighborhoods.


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