Tomorrow is my birthday.

November 13.

I do not plan anything special anymore, but, I do acknowledge it just as I do everyday:  another day of life; another day to do a little more than the day before.

Imagine my surprise when I found out about World Kindness Day, which is celebrated every November 13.

World Kindness Day is an international annual observance on November 13. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of NGOs to promote kindness. It is observed in many countries, including Japan, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates,  Italy, Singapore, and India, among many others.

It is a day when the simplest acts of kindness are done just for the sake of showing kindness to a person who may have been so beaten down that they felt there was no way back up.

Paying it forward.

A smile.

A simple, “Hello.”

A word of encouragement. A gesture of a loving hand put on someone’s shoulder. A positive visit to someone, instead of another visit that reeks of negative complaining and bitching.

An acknowledgement of all the times when someone was there for you, and everyone else, when everyone else had forsaken them and taken them for granted—-just as they have cried what may have been their last tear, just when they have given up—-you show up and reveal to them that they still matter.

Random acts of kindness, and simple acts of beauty.

They are not so hard to do.

Less hardness in people. Less hard-heartedness and callousness.

More acts of kindness on each and every day.



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