Twitter Claps Back at Donald Trump Presidency With #NotMyPresident and #ImStillWithHer

Trump won the election, but many Americans are not interested in him leading the nation.

Activists Oust Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The infamous sheriff—whose unconstitutional policing of the county’s immigrant community pitted him against activists for more than two decades—lost his re-election bid two weeks after he was charged with criminal contempt of court.

One Treaty Could Change the Fight to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1851 and 1868 allotted a significant amount of land to the Great Sioux Nation—they are now expecting  the U.S. government to honor it.


ICYMI: Chance the Rapper Led Hundreds of Fans to an Early Voting Spot Last Night

Senate Will Soon Have Four Times as Many Women of Color

Judge Delays Jury Selection in Dylann Roof Trial

Chicago Police Kill Joshua Beal After Cousin’s Funeral

Millennial Activist Ashley Yates: ‘Voting Can Help End Police Brutality. No, I’m Not Joking’



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