October 21, 2016

Kobach thinks ‘alien votes’ are rigging the election; Trump’s scary effect on kids; How to rescue Twitter from hate? and more.


Politico: Donald Trump’s ‘immigration whisperer’ Kris Kobach thinks the election is rigged with ‘the votes of aliens’.

Vox: Trump’s scary effect on how kids think: ‘All the black and brown people have to leave.’

The Guardian (UK): Trump loyalists plan their own ‘exit polls’ on Election Day in key cities amid ‘rigged election’ claims.

New York Times: Trump creates a schism within the American religious right.

Media Matters: Trump adviser Roger Stone once again appears on radio program aligned with white nationalists.

Associated Press: In the age of Trump, profile of Maryland white supremacist Heimbach grows.

The Verge: What should we do about these white supremacists who have turned Twitter into a portal to mainstream hate?

Forward: Online neo-Nazi hit list website is shut down after report on harassment.

40/29 News (Fort Smith, AR): Two mosques in Fort Smith vandalized with hate graffiti, but perpetrators are caught on video cameras.

Mashable: White supremacist banned from Twitter still directs anti-Semitic harassment on social media.

Right Wing Watch: Patrick Buchanan complains that the system is rigged against white men.



A remarkable level of vitriol has characterized the contest for president. And it’s showing no signs of letting up.

Editor’s Note: This article will be continuously updated. It was last updated on Oct. 18, 2016.

Summer Issue
July 06, 2016

October 18, 2016

With only weeks left before Election Day, Talk of ‘Rigged Election’ Leads to Promised Violence

With only weeks left before Election Day, and Donald Trump refusing to say if he will accept the legitimacy of the vote, the radical right is warning of civil war and violence if Hillary Clinton wins.

October 20, 2016


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