#GOPHandsOffMe Protest Co-Organizer: ‘This is Just the Beginning’

We spoke to co-organizer Jodeen Olguín-Tayler about why it was important to bring together a multiracial group of women—including sexual assault survivors—to protest the Republican presidential nominee on the heels of his lewd, coercive banter caught on tape.

What You Need To Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline

Going back to 2014, the steps to build the DAPL—and the global actions taken to stop it.

How ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Executive Producer Melvin Mar Helped Change Hollywood Behind the Scenes

The third season of the family comedy premieres tonight. Here, Melvin Mar talks about making history with the first Asian-American show in 20 years and the long game he played to get it on the small screen.


[VIDEO] Jose Antonio Vargas On The Presidential Election, Immigration Reform And Racism in America

New Short Animates History of Lynching and Racial Terror in the U.S.

Use This New Book Excerpt to Shut Down the Fake Heroism of Christopher Columbus

Gabrielle Union Understands Why You Might Skip ‘The Birth of a Nation’

Hurricane Matthew Continues to Bring Disaster to North Carolina


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