Hatewatch Staff

October 07, 2016

Drudge’s hurricane conspiracism may prove lethal; U.S. Rep. Garrett praises Oath Keepers; and more.


Media Matters: People in Florida may die because they believed Matt Drudge’s Hurricane Matthew conspiracy theory.

Raw Story: Anti-LGBT activist claims God sent hurricane to punish Orlando for its LGBT Pride event.

The News and Observer (Raleigh, NC): Trump supporters retaliate against Civil Rights museum after it denied candidate a photo op.

Think Progress: Group of nearly 80 evangelical leaders sign letter condemning Trump and his ‘bigotry.’

Talking Points Memo: Rep. Scott Garrett, R-NJ, praises Oath Keepers at fundraiser.

Political Research Associates: Christian Right takes the offensive on the gender frontier, stepping up its anti-trans campaign.

Georgia Public Broadcasting: Amid a turbulent election, militia groups see a new wave of growth.

Indianapolis Star: In Ohio farm parade, a float features Trump executing Clinton in the electric chair.

ABC 13 (Houston, TX): Aryan Brotherhood member on the ‘most wanted’ list arrested in Houston.

Huffington Post: Let’s talk about all that anti-Muslim garbage in your news feeds.

Fox 28 (Spokane, WA): Ku Klux Klan claims they’re back at their old stomping grounds in northern Idaho.

San Diego Tribune: Three young Latino men to stand trial in fatal stabbing of black man believed to be a hate crime.


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