Hatewatch Staff

September 30, 2016

White nationalists hit mainstream via Trump; Alt-right catfight breaks out; Student wears gorilla mask at BLM protest; and more.


Los Angeles Times: Donald Trump’s campaign has drawn white supremacists into the mainstream.

New York Times Magazine: How Trump set off a civil war within the right-wing media.

Right Wing Watch: Another Trump adviser appears on radio network that features white nationalists.

Salon: Alt-right catfight breaks out as Andrew Anglin denounces Milo Yiannopoulos as ‘part Jewish.’

Media Matters: Right-wing talk show host says Obama was given everything ‘because of the color of his skin.’

USA Today: Tennessee student arrested after he wears gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter protest, flings bananas.

Think Progress: Lyft driver kicks out passenger after homophobic, anti-Semitic rant.

Raw Story: Washington state mother reports her child’s history course is riddled with anti-black stereotypes.

Penn Live: Neo-Nazi group plans rally at Pennsylvania State Capitol on the eve of the election.

The Sun (San Bernardino, CA): Hate crime expert Brian Levin describes resistance to hearing about anti-Muslim crimes.

Fox 5 Atlanta: Georgia county commissioner apologizes after his racist comments about other candidates are caught on video.

Oregonian: Ammon Bundy’s lawyers file motion to halt trial while appeals are pending.


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