Hatewatch Staff

August 10, 2016

Trump hints at ‘2nd Amendment’ solution; Ryan Bundy gets into prison scuffle; Cop stalker found with carful of weapons; and more.


New York Times: Donald Trump suggests ‘Second Amendment people’ could stop Hillary Clinton from picking judges.

Right Wing Watch: Trump scheduled to address extremist anti-LGBT event in Orlando.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Ryan Bundy placed in disciplinary housing after scuffle with prison staff.

Oregonian: Man who filmed, followed Portland cops arrested after arms cache discovered in his car.

KOIN-TV (Portland, OR): Man who shot police officer, took woman hostage has a long criminal history and a faceful of racist tattoos.

Salon: SPLC’s Potok explains why radical sheriffs going renegade are a growing threat in the U.S.

Crooks and Liars: Malheur standoff participant Ritzheimer decides to plead guilty to conspiracy charge.

Vice: Ahmed Mohamed, boy who was arrested after bringing homemade clock to school, sues town for discrimination.

WDIV-TV (Detroit): Self-described ‘survivalist’ accused of buying explosives from undercover FBI agents is arraigned.

The Intercept: FBI agent goaded Garland shooter to ‘tear up Texas,’ raising new concerns about bureau’s methods.

Arizona Republic: Aryan Brotherhood member gets life in prison for murder of fellow gang member in 2006.

The Ringer: Why do anonymous racist Twitter trolls use anime avatars?


Trump’s Dance Around the Racism, Violence Drawn to His Campaign Appears to Encourage It

August 09, 2016

The GOP presidential nominee steadfastly denies that he’s encouraging violence and racism around his campaign, but the results speak otherwise.

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